Quests for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt the different progression points that advance in a story or plot. This could include progressing through the main campaign to get through the main plot and story, or uncovering other optional quests to activate other storylines related to the different Characters players can encounter around different Locations throughout the game.Throughout the world of the Witcher 3 you'll be able to find a variety of quests and it's quest givers. They'll send you to a variety of areas and fight a variety of enemies that you'll need to hunt and fight through. This page compiles all known Main quests and Optional Side Quests and Contracts. For a more guided step-by-step approach to the game, see the Walkthrough page. For additional quests from the DLC, see Blood and Wine Quests for the quests included in the Blood and Wine DLC.

Witcher 3 Chapters

The Main Quests and Story of the Witcher 3 is divided into 4 chapters beginning with the Prologue. These are then followed by the three main acts of the game. Each Chapter or Act has its own set of Quests to follow consecutively in order to unravel the main storyline of the Witcher. Other Quests found outside of these Acts add additional stories that may not affect the progress of the storyline. Decisions made in these Main Quests may affect the outcomes of the Endings. Those who wish to view different Endings can view the Endings page or experience the story again with modifications to their choices during a second playthrough. 

Witcher 3 Side Quests and Objectives 

Aside from progressing in the main campaign and story of the Witcher 3 players can participate and other available features and tasks that can be encountered throughout the game and different Locations. Most other objectives that are not part of the set of main quests are optional objectives that can be declined or accepted. These can include challenges or other tasks much like the ones found in the main quests, but will instead offer additional rewards instead of main game progress.

  • Secondary Quests: Optional Objectives and Storylines activated by different interactions in the game
  • Scavenger Hunt: Special assignment to find matching sets of gear
  • Treasure Hunts: Quests activated by interacting with specific objects that provide information on the objective for the hunt
  • Contracts: Objectives or bounties acquired form Notice Boards or NPCs
  • Gwent: Tasks players to obtain a unique Gwent Card




All Quests Witcher 3


Quests by Location in The Witcher 3

Quests in Novigrad  ♦ Quests in Velen  ♦ Quests in Skellige  ♦ Quests in White Orchard


Witcher 3 Main Quests


All Secondary Quests Witcher 3


All DLC Quests Witcher 3

Blood and Wine

Main Quests:

Secondary Quests:



Witcher 3 All Other Activities and Quests





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