What Lies Unseen

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Type Main Quests
DLC Blood and Wine
Location Cave
Suggested Level 47
Prerequisite Blood Simple
Next Quest Tesham Mutna

What Lies Unseen is a Main Quest from the Blood and Wine DLC in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Main Quests are the main storyline of the game that can have a major effect towards the endings. Some of these quests may have dialogue choices that will alter the ending of the game.

What Lies Unseen is an option quest that becomes available after the completion of Blood Simple from the main questline available in the Blood and Wine DLC.


Geralt now knew how to find the Unseen Elder's lair. He went to fetch Regis, and together they set off to meet the ancient bloodsucker. I can only imagine how difficult a[sic] Regis' predicament was. After all, he was about to help his dear friend set a deadly trap for another of his close comrades...


The Witcher 3 What Lies Unseen Objectives

  • Go to the Unseen Elder's lair.
  • Open the entrance to the Unseen Elder using Orianna's key.
  • Enter the Unseen Elder's lair.
  • Find a healing potion.

If White Raffard's Decoction is found first:

  • Drink a health potion to regenerate Vitality. 

If Swallow is found first:

  • Drink Swallow to regenerate Vitality. 
  • [Optional] Collect the items and gear you lost as you fell.
  • Get out of the cave.
  • Find a way to appease the Unseen Elder.
  • Find a way to get to the exit.
  • Read the mage's notes.
  • Find the mage.
  • Search the body.
  • Find an offering for the Unseen Elder. 
  • Destroy the wall using the Aard sign.
  • Jump into the water. 
  • Reach the platform and get out of the cave.
  • Talk to the Unseen Elder. 


Rewards for What Lies Unseen in The Witcher 3

  • 1,500exp icon witcher 3 wiki guide


Walkthrough for The Witcher 3 What Lies Unseen

Your first objective for this quest is to travel to the quest location, The Unseen Elder's lair. This is where you will find Regis and your quest will update. You will need to open the entrance and enter the lair. The entrance will be highlighted if you have your Witcher Senses activated. It'll be on the rock wall behind Regis. Interact with it to open it then enter the lair until it forks into two paths. They both lead to the same room. Take the higher route on the right and you will need to clear out a Fleder enemy. Regis will help you wth that. 

Before progressing, hop up on the path with a ledge to find a chest where you can loot Hen Gaidth gauntlets and steel sword. Taking the left path at the fork would have led you here. When you're ready continue through the next room to begin the cutscene. You will eventually have a timed dialogue choice:

  • Stop right there
  • Don't want to hurt you

Both options will yield the same results. Geralt will pass out and he will wake up disoriented. You will need to drink a healing potion and locate your gear. Face north and slightly to the east, they should be directly behind you when you wake up. You will see your Weapons that were dropped. 

Pick up the healing potion near the stone column and Geralt will pass out again. Once he regains consciousness he will be well and good to go. You will now need to get out of the cave. Once you reach the opening, your task will update. You will need to explore and find a way out.

At the base of the waterfall will be an abandoned campfire. You can loot Mage's notes here. Read the notes and an additional objective will be added and you will need to Find the mage as well. there should also be a set of footprints by the campfire to observe that lead left.  Turn around and take the path right (east) to trigger another cutscene highlighting the exit. If you head up the tunnel path this will lead to an area with  3 protofleders to clear. Clear them to be able to loot the chest here. Take the  Hen Gaidth mask and trousers. Go back and take the second route to the main path and follow the footprints. there will be more protofleders in the area. Follow the footprints up the ledges and it will take you to the higher levels. This will also lead you to another set of Mage's notes. Continue tracking the footprints and a short scene will highlight the flow of the water. Head atop the watchtower area and loot the chest with the rest of Hen Gaidth set: the armor and boots. Head down the stairs and continue following the footprints. More protofleders will be here along with the Mage's body. Search the body for the Crumpled Letter and then read it. You will have a new added objective to find an offering for the Unseen Elder. In the search area towards teh north is a short wall. With your Witcher senses something small will be highlighted behind it. This will be the offering for the unseen elder. After you have obtained this item, you will now need to find your way out. Approach the round area on your mini-map. It'll look like a larger circle. This rock will highlight in red with your Witcher Senses. You can destroy the wall with the Aard sign. Hop on the rock and it'll take you up. You will wake up next to the exit platforms. Hop and make your way to see the Unseen Elder following the singular path until a cutscene begins.

Get through the dialogue. Make sure to stick to the main dialogue. Choosing more than 1 side dialogue option will get Geralt killed after the Elder decides he is wasting his time. The second dialogue options will have 3 highlighted responses. 

  • Help me, and I'll return the favor
  • Innocents are dying
  • Dettlaff spells trouble for you

You must choose the last option: Dettlaff spells trouble for you. Get through the rest of the dialogue and the cutscene until the quest is completed. 


What Lies Unseen Journals

Regis had expressed some concerns about meeting with the Unseen Elder. These proved not at all unfounded nor in any way exaggerated. To say the ancient vampire treated his guests impolitely would be a gross understatement. In a matter of moments, the Unseen paralyzed Regis, while he took Geralt and, much as if he were a rag doll, hurled him to the floor of the cave. The witcher was hurt rather badly. Yet somehow he needed to find an understanding with the vampire...
The Unseen's ghastly reputation proved entirely deserved. He had exactly no tolerance for unexpected guests. And he was mortal danger embodied. In the end Geralt managed to convince the creature to help him, but persuading the beast had almost cost the witcher his life. I have no doubt the witcher breathed a sigh of relief after their meeting, and drew comfort from the thought it would not be the Unseen he would face during the final confrontation at Tesham Mutna.


The Witcher 3 What Lies Unseen Notes & Trivia

  • Notes, Tips, Other Trivia for What Lies Unseen.



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