Stats in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt determine the abilities that the Witcher may possess. The player will have the choice to increase the ones related to their playstyle, advancing specific Skill Trees. Many Skills, Weapons and Items will have minimum stat requirements to be utilized so customization will veer heavily towards which ones one unlocks.

The Stats depicted in Geralt's Character Page read as follows. Ciri's Character Page will share similarities with his, with the difference of character-specific ones.The following are Geralt's Detailed Statistics:




Vitality: Determines Geralt's Health pool or Hit Points. They will diminish as the character takes damage. When the related bar empties the character dies.

Sign Intensity: Determines the effectiveness of Signs. The higher intensity improves the chance of Critical Effects triggering, like burning with Igni or knockdown of Aard.

DPS - Silver Sword: Determines the Damage dealt with the Silver Sword. The higher the value the more harmful to the enemy each blow will be.

DPS - Steel Sword: Determines the Damage dealt with the Steel Sword. The higher the value the more harmful to the enemy each blow will be.

Armor: Determines how resistant Geralt is to enemy blows. The higher the value the higher the subtraction of Damage before it affects Hit Points.

Toxicity Level: Determines how close to getting Intoxicated Geralt is. The higher the percentage (out of 100) is the closer to Intoxication Geralt is.

Stamina: Determines the amount of actions like Blocks and Melee Attacks. It is also the main resource for casting Signs.

Adrenaline Points: Every time Geralt lands a successful Melee blow or damages an enemy with a Sign or Bolt these points fill, up to a cap. Having more points at any given moment increases effectiveness of said Attacks by 10% per Point. Getting damaged in turn decreases these points.


Places of Power

Places of Power are locations throughout the game that if you find and activate you will be granted a Skill Point. This is very important as there are a limited amount of Skill Points available since there is a level cap and the player will not be able to max out all of his Skill Trees. Please see the Places of Power page for all the locations.

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