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Battle Preparations

The Sunstone is a Main Quest in The Witcher 3 Wild HuntMain Quests are the main storyline of the game that can have a major effect towards the endings. Some of these quests may have dialogue choices that will alter the ending of the game.


Geralt knew he could only defeat Eredin with the help of mages and on his own terms. Since the King of the Wild Hunt was traveling on the Naglfar, the spectral vessel known from Skellige legend, somewhere between worlds, our heroes had to summon him back and somehow cut off his escape route. Such a feat could only be performed by a group of mages acting in concert and aided by a legendary elven artifact - the Sunstone.

The emperor's flagship was anchored in Skellige's waters when Geralt arrived. His Imperial Majesty would preside over the battle in person - but more important to Geralt was the prisoner he held on his ship, the Nilfgaardian sorceress Fringilla Vigo, whose aid could turn the tide of Ciri's defense. Geralt thus asked the Emhyr to lend him his captive sorceress. Though Fringilla was a suspected traitor, Emhyr agreed.

Geralt overcame countless obstacles and found the Sunstone - a feat which, to give credit where it's due, would have been impossible without the help of Philippa Eilhart. Everyone knew what this meant: the preparations for the great battle against the Wild Hunt had come to an end, and what would follow their activation of the Sunstone would determine the fate of the world.


The Witcher 3 The Sunstone Objectives

If Svarige rules Skellige

  1. Ask Crach where Ermion is.
  2. Talk to Ermion.
  3. Defeat Lugos' men.
  4. Talk to Ermion outside of Madman Lugos' territory.

The Witcher 3 Rewards for The Sunstone

  • 500 xp

The Witcher 3 Walkthrough for The Sunstone

This quest can take 2 different paths. The first path is if Cerys or Hjalmar are rulers of Skellige. If Svanrige Bran is ruler of Skellige, path 2 happens.

Path 1

Head to the lookout at Kaer Trolde Harbor to where your ship is. Crach will be here, ask him where Ermion is. Set off to Holmstein's port south of Ard Skellig. You find Lugos and Ermion arguing. You will have to fight Lugos and his men. After, go down the mountain and speak to Ermion.

Path 2

Head to the bridge at Kaer Trolde and cross to the keep where you will meet Jarl Donar. Ask him what is going on or that you want to see Ermion. Head intto the hall where Bima and Svanrige are. Crach will ask you a question and you can answer however you wish. When the choas breaks out, take out your weapon and attack the bodyguards.

At this point both paths merge. After the fight talk to Ermion about the Sunstone and he points you in the right direction. Head to the location to find Eyvind on a walled area overlooking the ocean. Agree to watch for the whale together while you chat. Eyvind doesn't see the whale when it pops up. You can try to tell him but the whale disappears, or not tell him. You tell him about the ruins, and can say that it's either for a work on Aen Seidhe and he will distrust you and refuse to reveal the location. Or you can say it's for a novel and he becomes excited. Agree to use one of his songs and he will tell you the location of the ruins.

Head to the rocks of Eldberg Isle. Find the anchored boat and dive into the ocean to find an underwater cave and swim in. Speak to Mattias about the elven ruins. Kill the drowners and return to Yen in Kaer Trolde Harbor. You'll find her, Triss and Ciri talking to Phillipa. Avallac'h is hiding something. You can agree nor not that he is suspicious. The place in question is a small isle between Undvik and Spikeroog. After everyone heads off to their objectives, the quest Child of the Elder Blood begins.

Now, this and the following quests continue: Battle Preparations, Veni Vidi Vigo, Child of the Elder Blood.

Travel to the north coast of Ard Skellig to its single signpost of an ancient crypt. Join Phillipa at the entrance and enter. Take out the drowners and siren. Head up the stairs by the statue to a gap where Phillipa will levitate some stones and you cross. Walk and talk and take out the golem in the way. Go up the steps.

At the door Philippa cuts herself to open the door. Answer her however you wish and follow her to the room of mirrors. You must position the mirrors to reveal the Sunstone. Turn each mirror once so that the beam is in the other direction. Simply head to each mirror and pull each lever once being mindful of the ghosts.

Return to Philippa and speak to her, answering how you wish. Answer to finish the quest and head back to the island.

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 The Witcher 3 Notes & Trivia for The Sunstone

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