Blood and Wine is a DLC expansion for The Witcher 3. It released on May 31, 2016.

Blood and Wine

Welcome to the land of summer, a remote valley untouched by war. The land of wandering knights, noble ladies and magnificent wineries. What better time to visit than now, when this kingdom of virtue is torn apart by a series of savage massacres! Geralt of Rivia, a legendary monster slayer, takes on his last great contract. Blood and Wine offers over 30 hours of adventure, where beauty clashes with horror, and love dances with deceit.

Blood and Wine Info and Features


  • New region to explore: Toussaint
  • Features new Locations, Quests, Weapons, Armor and Monsters
  • New mechanic allowing players to dye armor. Dyes can be obtained in various ways: they can be bought from the new dye merchant, crafted from a recipe or dropped as loot. Dyes can only be obtained in Toussaint.
  • New Game Plus maximum level increased to 100
  • 12 new Mutations, a new set of passive skills you can research and unlock.
  • Kick back and relax in your very own vineyard, Corvo Bianco, a real home away from home.
  • New Gwent deck: Skellige
  • Dynamic Points of Interest system – interacting with the main POI of a given area will affect adjacent points of interest (e.g. killing bandits in a ruined castle hideout will affect the number of enemies in surrounding camps).
  • 14,000 lines of dialogue
  • Update 1.20 for the base game also releases in conjunction with the expansion which brings some gameplay and interface changes.

Blood and Wine Content Resources


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