Face Me if You Dare

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Crow's Perch, Novigrad
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Face Me if You Dare is a Secondary Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Face Me if You Dare Objectives

Nearest Signpost: Crow's Perch
  • Fight Ronvid


  • 50 xp (Novigrad Docks, after killing him and his thugs) or 90 xp if you use Delusion (40 xp from Delusion and 50 from quest completion).
  • 0 gold
  • Hatchet, Novigrad Longsword, Dorian Sword, Poem, Grilled Pork x1, Roasted Chicken Leg x1, Vial and some Florens (Corpses loot), items. No items if delusion is used.


You meet Ronvid of the Small Marsh near a hut in Crow's Perch. He challenges to a duel, announcing he is to prove his worthiness to Maid Bilberry. He fights you regardless of your dialogue choices, but will yield after a certain amount of damage. You can threaten him or not, but either way you will see him again near the gates of Novigrad, where he sports a shield and tries to challenge you again. He will once more yield. The third and last encounter happens after some in-game time has passed, in the Novigrad Docks. He (lvl 9) will have 2 Thugs (lvl 7) with him, and you can:
  • Chose to fight, and actually kill them by either accepting or denying his challenge.
  • Use Delusion Level 2 to convince them to abandon this nonsense.

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