The King is Dead - Long Live the King

Type Main Quest
Location Skellige
Suggested Level 16
Prerequisite Destination Skellige
Next Quest Echoes of the Past

The King is Dead - Long Live the King is a Main Quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Main Quests are the main storyline of the game that can have a major effect towards the endings. Some of these quests may have dialogue choices that will alter the ending of the game.

After Birna departs, Yennefer will compliment Geralt's appearance or chastise him if he is not dressed appropriately.


Crach an Craite, an old friend, invited Geralt and Yennefer to a farewell feast for the recently-departed King Bran. One does not refuse such invitations in Skellige, and so, willing or not, Geralt had no choice but to meet Yennefer at the castle gates and attend the wake at her side.

Bran's wake was in full swing, with mead flowing plentifully and Geralt making quite a splash with the jarls, when suddenly Yennefer announced she needed to meet with the witcher in a more private setting. Yet she did not have in mind what you do, dear reader. Instead, she wanted Geralt to accompany her as she broke into the druid Ermion's laboratory. Her goal? To steal an artifact knowns and the Mask of Uroboros. As you can see, life with Yennefer was full of surprises, a fact Geralt had grown used to and even, one dares say, quite fond of.

After much wandering, Yennefer finally found the mask she had been seeking. When Ermion's laboratory grew dangerous, she teleported herself and Geralt back to her quarters. Once there, they... well. what they did is not really any of your concern, dear reader.
Afterwards, they returned to the wake.

Crach an Craite only arrived as the wake was drawing to a close – he and the other jarls had locked themselves away in a proverbial smoke-filled room to scheme plans for Skellige's future. That business finished, he now pulled Geralt and Yen aside for a talk. When he heard they were searching for Ciri, he agreed at once to provide them with everything they needed.

Luckily for Crach's treasure, Yennefer did not need everything, just Ermion's permission to examine a mysteriously deformed forest – the result of a magic explosion that might have involved Ciri.

Crach promised to convince Ermion, and as his word was as reliable as his beard was red, Geralt and Yennefer set off at once towards the magic-damaged woods.


The Witcher 3 The King is Dead - Long Live the King Objectives

  1. Go to Yennefer's rooms and put on formal attire
  2. Put on new clothes for your meeting with Yennefer
  3. Meet Yennefer at the entrance to Kaer Trolde keep
  4. Go with Yennefer to the wake inside Kaer Trolde
  5. Talk to Yennefer in private
  6. Beat Cerys to the top of the mountain
  7. Pull Hjalmar's axe out of the stump
  8. Go to Ermion's workshop
  9. Explore the mysterious room using your Witcher Senses
  10. Explore the secret chamber using your Witcher Senses.
  11. Kill the earth elemental.
  12. Look around for a way to escape from the trap.


Rewards for The King is Dead - Long Live the King in The Witcher 3

  • 600 EXP


Walkthrough for The Witcher 3 The King is Dead - Long Live the King

Continue along the path to the buildings and stick to sea level heading north. Open the door to Yennefer's room. You may inspect the room and put on the new clothes. Exit the room and head to the keep.

Head to the main road through the first gatehouse, across the bridge. Go up the tunnel and slow down across the bridge. Depending on how you dressed Yennefer will make a relevant comment. Go inside the hall with her. Cerys challenges you to a race up the mountain. You may opt to accept or decline. 

Walk the hall to find 4 locations marked on your map. Follow Yennefer to speak with the people here. Afterwards follow her and speak to her about her intentions. Head to the window, walk outside and cross the balcony to the next window. Enter and take the stairs down into a room filled with stuffed animals. Use your Witcher senses to investigate the room. Defeat the animals who attack you and you realize you were hallucinating from the mushrooms. Head through the side door and down the stairs. Inspect the items with your Witcher senses to find the following items to proceed:

  • A letter on a board
  • Ermion's pipe on a table near the fireplace
  • A book on a small table by a pillar
  • A goblet of dwarven triple mead on the table by the bed
  • Boiling casks on a low bookshelf
  • A wooden goat on a barrel
  • A human skull on a circular table
  • Ermion's wand against a wardrobe
  • A large pine cone on a table by the bookcase
  • A sword in a stone
  • A statue with an outstretched hand. 

Put the goblet in the statue's hand, and a section of the wall will open. Head down the steps into a cavern. Yennefer takes the mask and an earth elemental will appear. When it is defeated you have 15 seconds to look around. Loot the elemental. You can choose one of 2 options to determine where you are ported to. 

Return to the wake to witness the ceremony. Afterwards Crach promises to help find Ciri. Ask for assistance with Ermion. Crach requests your help with some tasks, triggering the quests The Lord of UndvikPossession and Echoes of the Past. Agree to help with these 3 tasks and the quest will conclude.


The Witcher 3 The King is Dead - Long Live the King Notes & Trivia

  • Notes, Tips, Other Trivia for The King is Dead - Long Live the King.



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