Of Dairy and Darkness

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Of Dairy and Darkness is a secondary Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It starts in Novigrad

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Of Dairy and Darkness Objectives

  1. Search Aeramas' residence.
  2. Use Aeramas' artifacts to activate the portal.
  3. Use the portal in Aeramas' residence.
  4. Investigate Aeramas' dungeon.
  5. Find a way to pass through the tyromancer
  6. Find your way through the flooded chamber.
  7. Deactivate the magic barrier and get to Aeramas' treasure.



Locations: Novigrad, Aeramas' Abandoned Manor
Characters: Merchant, Aeramas
Enemies: Foglets

Recommended Item: 20 Crowns, The Eye of Nehaleni

Go to Gildorf Square and enter the store nearby, where you can talk to the vendor and learn about Aeramas. Buy the Lizard Figurine and the Jade Figurine for 20 crowns, then travel to the abandoned manor and find the portal within it. Use the artifact to activate it.

Once through the portal, you will find stairs leading down to a cheese chamber. The smell is pungent and Geralt will need to exit promptly. You can light the many torches in the area and make your way to another portal, that takes you to the the flooded chamber.

The Flooded Chamber is, as expected, flooded, so swim across the map to your destination. You can stop for a chest that may contain a Greater Glyph. Once on the other side, you will see a Foglet and Geralt will comment on it being immune to the smell. Jump across the gap and defeat the enemy to then obtain Bull Figurine and Aeramas' Notes.

Using the figurine on the nearby desk will allow you to trigger the portal to the vault. There's a mechanism to deactivate: use Igni on a pyramid switch to your right from the entrance. You can now loot the vault to get your cheesy sword. Keep in mind that using the other portal in this room will take you to a vista upstairs where you can obtain Diagram Enhanced Feline Armor.

Notes & Trivia

  • Save the game before approaching the quest. Several bugs may prevent you from completing the quest.
  • (Bug) The Novigrad merchant may not show the required quest items in his inventory.
  • (Bug) Picking up The Emmentaler may not trigger the quest's completion (quest still demands to search Aersmas' premises and to activate the portal).

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    • Anonymous

      So what exactly did all the figurines do? Just allowed us to open the portal?
      Also, in the vista where the Diagram Enhanced Feline Armor is, there is a strange lever. Does it do anything?

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