Open Sesame: The Safecracker

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Type Main Quests
DLC Hearts of Stone
Location Oxenfurt
Suggested Level 34
Prerequisite Open Sesame!
Next Quest n/a

Open Sesame: The Safecracker is a Main Quest from the Hearts of Stone DLC in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Main Quests are the main storyline of the game that can have a major effect towards the endings. Some of these quests may have dialogue choices that will alter the ending of the game.

Open Sesame: The Safecracker is a part of the Open Sesame!
Main Quest in the Hearts of Stone DLC. 


Vaults are, as a rule, difficult to enter. Their metal-plated doors must either be teased open in silence by a skilled safecracker – or blown to smithereens by a demolitions expert. The unequalled master of the first method was Quinto, the best safecracker north of the Yaruga. The go-to specialist for the second was Casimir Bassi, a dwarf hailing from Mahakam.


The Witcher 3 Open Sesame: The Safecracker Objectives

  1. Convince Casimir to take part in the robbery.

If you taunted Casimir into a fight:

  • Defeat Casimir.

If you did not manage to convince Casimir

  • Go to the mercenaries' camp and talk to Quinto.

If you tell Hans you'll be back:

  • Convince Hans to free Quinto.

If you taunt Hans into a fight:

  • Defeat Hans in a fistfight.

If you postpone telling Quinto about the job:

  • Meet with Quinto at the Academy gate at midnight to recruit him.



Rewards for Open Sesame: The Safecracker in The Witcher 3

  • 150exp icon witcher 3 wiki guide


Walkthrough for The Witcher 3 Open Sesame: The Safecracker

This quest begins while progressing through the Open Sesame! Quest and agreeing to follow through with the heist.  The quest will activate once you are tasked to Recruit the rest of the crew and prepare for the robbery. 

Track the quest to lead you to Casimir's location on the roof. Your interaction with Casimir will determine your next objectives. The most effective way to successfully get him down is to use the Axii Sign and tell him to get down. It'll be the last dialogue option. If you choose this option, there will be no further objectives. All dialogue options and their effects are listed below:

  • Really sorry
  • Set the torch aside. Let's talk this out
  • You're pathetic
  • Get down now


Dialogue effects: 

  • "Get down now" 

Effectively convinces him to get down with Aii

  • "Really Sorry" 

This will result in an explosion and you will have to resort to your next recruit for the Safecracker. Your objective will change to:

Go to the mercenaries' camp and talk to Quinto. 

  • "Set the torch aside. Let's talk this out"

The next dialogue following this option may also lead to his explosion unless you choose to follow up by saying that you have a job for him you will be tasked to defeat him before he agrees to take the job if you agree to give it to him. 

The last dialogue option here will also result in a combat interaction. 

  • "You're pathetic"

Results in a combat encounter against Casimir. If your encounter with Casimir is finished, you will be tasked to speak to Quinto. Track the quest to lead him to. Once you reach the location you will need to get through Hans. To get through to him, you will have the option to pay or gamble in a game of Gwent along with other dialogue options that may also lead to a combat encounter. Getting through either of these options will complete the objective as long as you convince him to work with you. Once he agrees, the quest is complete. 



Open Sesame: The Safecracker Journals

If Geralt recruits Quinto:
Geralt decided on Quinto. Hans of Cidaris was holding the man captive, so Geralt first had to free him... though once he did, he had the impression the famed safecracker could have waltzed out of his prison at any time without his help. The ease with which Quinto opened his cell's lock boded well for his chances of cracking open the door to the Borsodis' vault.
If Geralt recruits Casimir:
Geralt chose to recruit Casimir to join his crew. Expecting to have to persuade the dwarf to abandon his idyllic family life, Geralt found himself instead convincing the dwarf to cling to any life at all. Abandoned by his wife, Casimir was set on exploding himself and his wrecked home in a spectacularly effective suicide – until he heard the witcher's offer.


The Witcher 3 Open Sesame: The Safecracker Notes & Trivia

  • Notes, Tips, Other Trivia for Open Sesame: The Safecracker.



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