Skills and Abilities in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are different than previous Witcher games. In the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt the player has 4 different Skill Trees to choose from and 70 Skills total to invest points into. The player may equip only 12 of these Skills at a given time, but they can be swapped out should the player wish to do so. The player will also be able to refund his/her Skill Points during the game. Mutagens can be enhanced by equipping them in the Mutagen Slots and equipping Skills that match the same color of the Mutagens. Players can acquire Skill Points either from leveling up or by finding Places of Power. Please see the Places of Power page for their locations.

A starting presentation and explanation of the Skill Trees can be found .


Combat Skills

These abilities increase your offensive, defensive and crossbow Skills. These Skills will appear red when equipped.

fast_attack_icon.jpg Fast Attack

Preform fast melee attacks with either sword

strong_attack_icon.jpg Strong Attack

Allows you to perform strong melee attacks which ignores enemy armor

defense_icon.jpg Defense

Wolf School defense techniques

marksmanship_icon.jpg Marksmanship

Allows you to wield a light hand-held crossbow

battle_trance_icon.jpg Battle Trance

Blows landed during combat generate Adrenaline Points. Each Adrenaline Point increases weapon damage by 10%.



These abilities improve the 5 Signs that you can use through out the game. These Skills appear blue when equipped.

aard_icon.jpg Aard

A directed blast of telekinetic energy that staggers opponents, leaving them open for a subsequent attack.

igni_icon.jpg Igni

A directed fiery blast that damages enemies. Damage scales with Sign intensity.

yrden_icon.jpg Yrden

Magic trap that slows enemies who enter its area of effect.

quen_icon.jpg Quen

Protective shield that lasts until it has absorbed damage totaling 5% of maximum Vitality.

axii_icon.jpg Axii

Charms an opponent's mind, temporarily eliminating him from combat.


Alchemy Skills

These abilities improve Potions, Bombs, Mutagens, Decoctions and Oils. These Skill appear Green when equipped.

brewing_icon.jpg Brewing

Enables the brewing and drinking of witcher Potions

oil_preparation_icon.jpg Oil Preparation

Enables the creation of Oils that can be applied to swords.

bomb_creation_icon.jpg Bomb Creation

Enables the creation of handheld Bombs that can be thrown at enemies.

mutation_icon.jpg Mutation

Enables the extraction of Mutagens from the corpses of powerful Monsters. Witchers use these to grant their bodies new abilities.

trial_of_the_grasses.jpg Trial of the Grasses

Mutation that lets witchers withstand the Toxicity of Potions that would kill normal people.


General Skills

These abilities improve general aspects of your play style, such as Armor proficiency, Potions tolerance and amount of health. These Skills appear yellow when equipped.

placeholder.jpg Sun and Stars

During the day, Vitality regenerates by an additional 10 points per second when not in combat. At night, Stamina regenerates by an additional 1 point per second during combat.

survival_instinct.jpg Survival Instinct

Increases maximum Vitality by 500

cat_school_techniques.jpg Cat School Techniques

Each piece light armor increases critical hit damage by 25% and fast attack damage by 5%.

placeholder.jpg Griffin School Techniques

Each piece of medium armor increases your Sign intensity by 5% and Endurance regeneration by 5%.

placeholder.jpg Bear School Techniques

Each piece of heavy armor increases your strong attack 5% and maximum health by 5%.




steady_shot.jpg Steady Shot

Crossbow deals 25% more damage

rage_management.jpg Rage Management

If your current Stamina level is too low, Signs can be cast using Adrenaline Points.

placeholder.jpg Focus

Adrenaline Points also increase your Sign damage

adrenaline_burst.jpg Adrenaline Burst

Increases Adrenaline generation by 5%. Using Signs now generates Adrenaline Points

placeholder.jpg Metabolism Control

Increases maximum Toxicity by 30



Mutagens provide the player with benefits such as: increased health, armor proficiency, Stamina recovery etc.

noonwraith_mutagen.png Noonwraith Mutagen

Vitality +150

placeholder.jpg Wyvern Mutagen


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    • Anonymous

      what about the next level. isn't it supposed to be an upgrad of the previous? Where you can defend against arrows in next level you loose the ability?

      • Anonymous

        I chose the general skill tree and now i can`t choose another tree.. I`ve spent 10 points in general, but it won`t let me put any points on signs or alchemy for instance. What am I not getting here?

        • Anonymous

          Since the wikis for Witcher 3 are not as good as they should be and even though a game is out for a year now there is still a lack of some basic information and statistics on the game so I tried to figure out how many ability (skill) point a player can receive in total. As far as I know this is the most accurate information I gather form multiple decent rouses even though some had different opinions/statements. There may or may not be a level cap and if there isn't I wonder when you stop gaining buffs so you dom't become too powerful. You stop getting ability point by level when you reach level 70 (69 point). There are 25 places of power (25 points). Although I've read somewhere that DLCs will increase the amount of ability point, the HoS added five new abilities instead, which is in my opinion better since you can only have 12 active. B&W may increase the amount of abilities, amount of ability point or hopefully although now likely an amount of active ability slots. So the maximum amount of ability points is 94????? I would love is someone would share all the correct official information.

          • Anonymous

            Difficulty in Skyrim? You mean pressing your face against the enemy, hitting him and occasionally pausing to heal up to full HP? Yeah ***** was tight.. Funny how you never played the high difficulty modes and talk smack like that. Scrub.

            • Anonymous

              its a shame you cannot have as many perks active as you want, its the one thing Skyrim did that was great, with the witches i feel constantly limited to what i can do, or how powerful i can be. Sure i get that limiting power can make the game more challenging but Skyrim still managed to be challenging even when most of your perk trees where complete

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