No Place Like Home

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Type Secondary Quests
DLC Blood and Wine
Location Toussaint
Suggested Level -
Prerequisite The Beast of Toussaint
Next Quest none

No Place Like Home is a Secondary Quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. This Secondary Quest is a part of the Blood and Wine DLC. Secondary Quests are optional Quests not required to finish the game. Some of these quests may have a bearing on certain Main Quests or may be a consequence of another Quest.

No Place Like Home takes place at the Corvo Branco Vineyard 


Everyone who has even a passing acquaintance with Geralt of Rivia knows it was very rare for the witcher to be paid before completing a contract. Retainers or down payments, however, were another story. Those would often be given him by the best of employers, those who had no intention of backing out of their side of the bargain and who wanted the job done and done well above all else. In this regard, Anna Henrietta stood out as one of the best employers Geralt had ever had. Why is that, you ask, Dear Reader? Why, because in exchange for agreeing to kill the Beast of Beauclair, she gave Geralt... the deed to the Corvo Bianco vineyard (and promised further payment in gold as soon as Geralt completed the job). Say what you will about her, but no one can deny Anna Henrietta's generosity.


The Witcher 3 No Place Like Home Objectives

  • Go to Corvo Bianco
  • Follow your majordomo
  • Restore Corvo Bianco to its former glory.
  • Wait three days for the general refurbishment to finish.
  • Wait one day for your grindstone to arrive.
  • Wait one day for your armorer's table to arrive.
  • [Optional] Search the cellar.
  • [Optional] Search the hidden room.
  • Wait one day for your new bed to arrive.
  • Wait one day for your weapon racks to arrive.
  • Wait one day for your armor stands to arrive.
  • Wait two days for the stable refurbishment to finish.
  • Wait two days for the garden refurbishment to finish.
  • Wait two days for the guest room refurbishment to finish.
  • Talk to the majordomo of Corvo Bianco.


Rewards for No Place Like Home in The Witcher 3

  • 200exp icon witcher 3 wiki guide 
  • 500crowns oren icon currency witcher 3 wiki guide 


Walkthrough for The Witcher 3 No Place Like Home

Once you reach Crovo Branco and complete the cutscene, follow your majordomo. Speak to him again and ask him to do some work on the house to restore the house to its former glory.  You will need to pay a fee then wait the refurbishment time to fix each one of the items below. 

  • Bed
  • Weapon Rack
  • Armor Stand 
  • Garden
  • Stable
  • Guest Room

Once you are done speak to him again. You also have additional optional objectives. Enter through the cellar entrance down the stairs and use Aard to get through to complete this objective. 


No Place Like Home Journal

A preliminary inspection of Geralt's new property uncovered that the vineyard would need quite a bit of fixing up before it could shine in all its glory. This would be a monumental task requiring aesthetic sensibilities Geralt was not sure he possessed. Luckily, he did not have to take it on alone. Aiding him in it would be Barnabas-Basil, his majordomo, who, Geralt soon learned, was an expert not only in the running of households, but also in their remodeling.
I have always liked to fill my days with industrious activity, and without a shadow of a doubt I can say Geralt shared my predilection in this regard. We both prized any chance to toil to make the world a better place, differing only in that I usually used quill and harp to accomplish this, while Geralt did so with his sword. yet on this occasion, it was Geralt who could bask in the satisfaction that a completed work of aesthetic excellence brings in its wake. When the renovations of Corvo Bianco were complete, Geralt was just as proud of himself as if he had strangled a kikimore with his bare hands. 


The Witcher 3 No Place Like Home Notes & Trivia

  • Notes, Tips, Other Trivia for No Place Like Home.



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