Defender of the Faith

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Location Velen
Suggested Level 10
Next Quest Defender of the Faith (II)
Previous Quest --

Defender of the Faith is a Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This quest does not show up in your journal and is repeated in other regions, so it's called (i) (ii) etc.

"Geralt has a "live and let live" policy regarding the gods and their worshippers: if they don't bother him, he returns the favor. Sadly, not everyone follows this sage precept. A distraught woman in Velen informed him someone had been destroying the shrines that dot that region's roadsides. She begged him to repair the damage and, if possible, punish those responsible. Though he did not share the woman's devotion or outrage at this sacrilege, he decided to help all the same."


Defender of the Faith Objectives

Nearest Signpost: Blackbough

  1. Fix the damaged shrines (3).
  2. (Optional) Defeat the vandals.



  • 40 xp
  • 0 gold
  • 0 items



Locations: Blackbough, Duen Hen, Byways
Characters: Peasant, Master Friedrich of Oxenfurt
Enemies: Students (Vandals)

In Duen Hen, a woman is found complaining at a crossroads, where she asks for help as the Shrinse to Vernia the Merciful have been toppled over by students. You can do one and end the quest, or agree to find the other shrines and fix them too. There are three shrines to fix as follows:

  • From The Mire: On a small hill (Duen Hen) that is to the southwest of this area.
  • At the junction of the road leading east from Blackbough.
  • Southwest Velen, southeast of the Byways signpost.

Doing all three shrines will trigger the reveal of the vandals: a group of students following the philosophies of a man who thinks religion is pointless and mass-delusion. You can end the quest in two ways:

  • Agree with him and let him do as he pleases. (Resulting in failed mission)
  • Disagree and fight him and his group.


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Notes & Trivia

  • This quest references the philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (Master Friedrich of Oxenfurt) who famously stated "God is dead"


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    • Anonymous

      09 Jul 2017 13:09  

      Flawed quest. The 2 options are failing, or killing the guys for knocking over the shrines. That seems a little harsh. geralt does not normally kill humans unless absolutely necessary. He could have talked them out of it, or knocked them out.

      • Anonymous

        Defender of Faith05 Jul 2016 15:38  

        I feel it should be noted you will fail this quest if you choose not to kill the students. It won't be "completed" as this article states.

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