Signs or Magic are one of the 4 Skill Trees in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. These abilities improve the 5 Signs, which are a type of magic, that Geralt can use through out the game. There are 5 Lines to this Skill Tree. Each Line has 4 skills and each skill has several ranks, leading to a wide variety of possible builds. You will have access to all Tier 1 Skills from the start of the game, but to be able to get put points into the Tier 2 Sign Skills you will need to spend 6 points in this branch. 18 points will unlock the Tier 3 skills and 28 points will unlock the final Tier.






A directed blast of telekinetic energy that staggers opponents, leaving them open for a subsequent attack.

placeholder.jpg Far-Reaching Ard

Increases Aard range by 1 yard(s) Stamina regeneration in combat: +0.5/s

aard_circle.jpg Aard Sweep

Alternate Sign Mode: Aard strikes all opponents in a certain radus. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s

placeholder.jpg Aard Intensity

Increases Aard Sign intensity by 5%. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s

placeholder.jpg Shock Wave

Aard deals now 40 damage. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s



A directed fiery blast that damages enemies. Damage scales with Sign intensity.

melt_armor.jpg Melt Armor

Dealing damage with Igni also permanently weakens enemy Armor. Effect scales with Sign intensity up to a maximum of 15%. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s

firestream.jpg Firestream

Alternate Sign Mode: Emits a continuous stream of fire that damages enemies. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s

Igni Intensity Igni Intensity

Increases Igni Sign intensity by 5%. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s

Pyromaniac Pyromaniac

Increases the chance to apply Burning by 20%. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5



Magic trap that slows enemies who enter its area of effect.

placeholder.jpg Sustained Glyphs

Increases sign duration by 5 seconds. Number of alternate mode charges: 2. Number of standard mode traps: 1. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s

placeholder.jpg Magic Trap

Alternate Sign Mode: Damages and slows all enemies within a 10 yard radius and slows them down. Destroys projectiles passing through this area. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s

Yrden Intensity Yrden Intensity

Increases Yrden Sign intensity by 5%. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s

Supercharged Glyphs Supercharged Glyphs

Enemies under the influence of Yrden lose 10 points of Vitality or Essence per second. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s



Protective shield that lasts until it has absorbed damage totaling 5% of maximum Vitality.

exploding_shield.jpg Exploding Shield

Quen shield pushes opponents back when it breaks. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s

active_shield.jpg Active Shield

Alternate Sign Mode: Maintaining an active shield no longer drains Stamina. Stamina drained for blocked attacks unchanged. Damage absorbed by the shield restores player Vitality. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s

Quen Intensity Quen Intensity

Increases Quen Sign intensity by 5%. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s

Quen Discharge Quen Discharge

Reflects 5% of absorbed damage back to the attacker. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s



Charms an opponent's mind, temporarily eliminating him from combat.

delusion.jpg Delusion

Target does not move towards Geralt while he is casting Axii. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s

puppet.jpg Puppet

Alternate Sign Mode: Targeted enemy briefly becomes an ally and deals 20% more damage. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s

Axii Intensity Axii Intensity

Increases Axii intensification by 5%. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s

Domination Domination

Two opponents can be influenced by Axii at the same time. The effect is 50% weaker. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s

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    • Anonymous

      are all the tutorial signs available from the start of the game or are you supposed to earn them as you play? I wanted to use a certain sign against the noonwraith on the well mission but I can only use one sign. no way to select any others on xbox one

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