Contracts are Quests in The Witcher 3: Wild HuntThese missions or objectives are secondary optional objectives that are completed in exchange for coin. The main job of a Witcher is to regularly take these contracts to make their living, which has been a consistent feature in the Witcher games. Contracts can be given to the player by speaking to different Characters or acquired from Notice Boards throughout the game. Any active contract information can be accessed from the Quests menu under Witcher Contracts. They are essentially bounties to defeat Creatures and Monsters or Bandits and other enemies. Some Contracts can be extremely difficult. In the Witcher 3 there 26 Contracts in total - 11 contracts in Velen, 8 in Novigrad and 6 in Skellige. The following is a list of the Contracts obtainable in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and how to obtain them:

How to begin Contracts Witcher 3

Each each Contract in the Witcher 3 can be activated either by speaking to different NPCs or Characters in the game or by accepting them through the Notice Board. Geralt can still choose to decline or refuse to entertain a contract. When accepting a contract with Character, players will also be given an option to negotiate their reward. 

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Notice boards can be found throughout the different Locations of Witcher 3, usually around small communities, villages or city areas. Geralt may take the notes of the notice board to begin. These Notice Boards will also be marked on the map with a note icon.  Notice Board: Here you can find monster contracts and announcements about matters of Local concern

Negotiate Contracts in Witcher 3

When accepting Contracts from Characters, Geralt will have a chance to listen to all of the quest details then respond with a few dialogue options. Players can then choose to accept or dismiss a contract or negotiate the reward. This will bring up a small pop up menu that totals the Base Rate + Bonus Rate and the final rate. The last bar will also display the Annoyance level of the character you are negotiating with. An increased annoyance level will decrease the chances of a successful negotiation. From this menu, The Base Rate can be increased. Confirm choices to display the Annoyance level of the character.If a character does not accept the offer, you will get a chance to readjust your negotiation offer. Continuing to haggle will increase the character's annoyance level. You will need to find a lower price that they'll accept before this meter maxes out. 

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 All Contracts Witcher 3




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