The Wolf School Gear is the Fifth gear set Geralt can find, the quest was added in the DLC 10.
You can buy maps from Lindenvale merchant, Hattori, Kaer Trolde armorer, Kaeir Muire smith, armorer in Novigrad main square or just find places of treasure hunts in Kaer Morhen.

Quest Walkthrough

Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear- Standard

1) First Station, Bastion.
Bastion is a ruins place where Geralt himself was trained as a boy. Geralt will find the remains of Varian by using the Witchers sense here and trigger the Wolf School Gear story line.
  • Location: West of Kaer Morhen
  • Find the remains of Varian, you can loot Varin`s Journal and Diagram: Wolven steel sword here.


2) Read Varin`s Journal
According to this Journal. Geralt find out there were total 4 person involved with the Wolf School Gear.
  • Elgar, who was a legendary witcher. Even older than Varin. Elgar seems to be the original inventor of this “fantastic gear”.
  • Varin, who in charge the training of fellow young witchers back then. He held the Diagram: Wolven Steel Sword.
  • Hieronymus, who was a mage. Lived in Kaer Morhen and worked with witchers, his research about Elgar`s secret room leads to the discovery of these fantastic gear. In his signal tower Geralt might found the leads to Armor Digram of Wolf school gear.
  • Chird, Hieronymus` assistant. His workshop was in the watchtower, he is the one who got the Diagram: Wolven Sliver Sword

3) Search the Ruins of Signal Tower near Kaer Morhen/ Hieronymus`s Lead
  • Location: The road is quite easy to find.
However, please be triple careful when you walk on the road to Signal Tower, it is really easy for you to fall over the cliff. There are some Harpy-like monsters near the tower, shoot them down and carefully finish them.
You don`t want to rush into the warm upper air of Kaer Morhen like I did.
  • A look of the Signal tower

  • Climb up to the second floor, get Hieronymus note from this chest.

  • Read the Hieronymus` Note.
Geralt found he need to reactive two portals in the signal tower to tracked Hieronymus down. Using The Witchers sense, Geralt can easily spot whose two portals.


  • One of the protal need Geralt to retrieve the energy crystal. According to Hieronymus` note, it was placed outside of the west wall, absorbing energy from the sun. Go through this breach, and climb on the wood-made scaffolding. You can see the crystal.

  • Reactive the protals, and teleport to dead place of Hieronymus the magician. Search his Carcass(of course), and read his Notes writing in his shaking hand.
From Hieronymus final writing, Geralt learns that he was chased by angry mobs and force to jump into an unstable portal. And Hieronymus the mage died because of that dangerous action.
12.jpg 13.jpg

4) Search the Ruins of Watcher Tower near Kaer Morhen/ Chird`s lead
  • Location: It lies in the far north of Kaer Morhen. A longer but safer journey compared to former one.
511.jpg 14.jpg

  • Using wither`s sense to find Chird`s body and get his journal and Diagram: Wolven School Sliver Sword
From Chird`s journal, Geralt learned that he was also attacked by the mobs like his teacher. What`s more interesting to Geralt is that the diagrams of Wolf School Gear he collected isn`t the best Elgar Desgin. There is more…

  • The quest of Scvanger Hunt: Wolf School Gear- Standard ends here. But don`t rush to leave this tower. look up, there is a chest contain Diagram: Wolven Steel Sword – enhanced here.

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