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Payback is a Main Quest in The Witcher 3 Wild HuntMain Quests are the main storyline of the game that can have a major effect towards the endings. Some of these quests may have dialogue choices that will alter the ending of the game.


Cities like Novigrad have their own, special magic. They attract folk from all corners of the world, becoming delicious stews of diverse flavors, giant circuses filled with colorful characters just waiting to extend a helping hand - or swing a sharp elbow. Ciri had experienced the fullness of this during her stay in Novigrad, so when she found herself back in the city she decided to repay a few debts - and settle a few scores...


The Witcher 3 Payback Objectives

  1. Speak with Ciri at Novigrad. (The path splits depending on whether you killed *****son Junior or not in the main quest Get Junior.)
  2. Go to Temple Isle with Ciri. / Deal with *****son Junior's henchmen. / Speak with Dudu impersonating as *****son Junior.
  3. Walk into the alleyway with Ciri. / Speak with *****son Junior.
  4. Follow Ciri to the Golden Sturgeon.
  5. Deal with the thugs in the Golden Sturgeon.
  6. Follow Ciri to Farcorners and talk to Valdo.
  7. Choose whether or not to participate the Horse Race.
  8. Exhaust all dialogue options. (The path will split depending on whether or not you choose to steal horses.)

Path 1

  1. Sneak into the stables and find a way to open the door. / Beat up the Redanian Guard. / Calm down the horses using Axii.

Path 2

  1. Beat up Aegar in a fist fight.

The Witcher 3 Rewards for Payback

  • 300 xp

Walkthrough for Payback in The Witcher 3

Ciri can be found at Gildorf Square. Tell her to lead the way to continue the quest. If you killed *****son Junior during Get Junior follow her to Temple Isle where she tells you you are about to see *****son Junior. At his headquarters you meet two of his henchmen. Convince them with Axii Delusion Level 3 to let you through without incident. Or you can draw a weapon and Ciri will warn you calling you FGeralt which stops the attackers. They will let you through. 

Follow Ciri to the top floor to find Junior. The man claims to be Dudu in disguise.

If you had let Junior live, stroll down an alleyway in the Bits district to find him there. Leave him alone and move on.

Follow Ciri east, until you reach the Golden Sturgeon. Enter the tavern and intervene with the trouble. You can either tell them to leave on their own and they flee or you can threaten to throw them out where you knock them around.

Ciri speaks to Bea. Answer here how you wish. Follow Ciri as she talks about her past. You leave Novigrad and head right searching for a camp of nonhumans. She seas Valdo and runs to him and Aegar. Answer here how you wish. You may accept a race challeng with Valdo if you'd like. Spend some time getting to know the elves and speaking at length about Ciri's life. Aegar returns and asks you to help steal horses. If you agree you auto port to the stables. If you refuse Aegar angers and challenges you to a fistfight. Regardless of the outcome you'll be banished from the camp and will head back to the Rosemary and Thyme.

At the stables, climb the shed onto the roof and platform into the stables. Climb to the ground, by a sleeping guard. Grab the keys in the stall to the southeast. Don't make too much noise or the horses will panic and wake the guard. If you do, knock him out and calm the horses with Axii. Once done, Ciri and Aegar enter. Ride the horses out and Ciri tells you she will meet you back at Dandelion's. The quest will now end.

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The Witcher 3 Notes & Trivia for Payback

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