Alcohol in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt refers to high-concentration alcoholic spirits, also referred to as Strong Alcohol. Distinct from alcoholic Beverages which Geralt can drink as standard consumables, Strong Alcohol is used primarily as Alchemy Ingredients and cannot be consumed. Strong Alcohol is used in the crafting process for many items including Potions, Decoctions, Oils and Bombs, as well as some of the components needed to craft them. They also play a role in replenishing these items when depleted.


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The Witcher 3 Alcohol Overview

Replenishing Alchemy Tools

meditation witcher 3 wiki guideGeralt can replenish all charges of his Potions, Decoctions and Bombs by Meditating while he has at least one bottle of Strong Alcohol in his inventory. The game appears to prioritize Alcohest by default but any alcohol from the list below can be used for this purpose. This is important because some alcohol such as Cherry Cordial is very rarely found as loot, if at all, making purchasing them from Merchants the only consistent way to acquire them. White Gull is also very rare and is used in a lot of Alchemy recipes, particularly the Superior versions of many Potions, Oils and Bombs or their crafting components. As such, it is best not to use these items for replenishing your alchemy tools, opting instead for the more common Dwarven Spirit and others. As a precaution, you can drop any alcohol you do not wish to be spent replenishing your tools prior to meditating. Only 1 unit or bottle of Strong Alcohol is required to replenish all alchemy tools.

Alcohol Tips

  • White Gull is extremely valuable and you need at least 43 in order to craft all Superior versions of your Alchemy tools (Potions, Bombs, Oils). Not all of these recipes use White Gull as a component directly, but it may be used to craft other components such as Rubedo. As much as possible, avoid wasting these on replenishing your Alchemy tools.
  • Many vendors sell Strong Alcohol as part of their inventory. It is well worth stocking up whenever you can. A Merchant's stock can be replenished by Meditating.
  • Dwarven Spirit is the most abundant Strong Alcohol in the game, found very frequently as random loot and purchased from Merchants.
  • Mahakaman Spirit is the cheapest type of Strong Alcohol you can purchase, making it the most cost-effective to use for Alchemy tool replenishment should you run out of the more common Dwarven Spirit or Alcohest.
  • Temerian Rye is not used in any Alchemical recipes, thus can be used freely to replenish your Alchemy tools.




All Alcohol in The Witcher 3


Quick Search of All Alcohol in The Witcher 3


Name Sold By Crafted With Used to Craft

Tw3 alcohestAlcohest

Tw3 cherry cordialCherry Cordial

  • Cannot be crafted

Tw3 dwarven spiritDwarven Spirit

Tw3 Mahakaman spiritMahakaman Spirit

  • Cannot be crafted

Tw3 mandrake cordialMandrake Cordial

  • Cannot be crafted

Tw3 nilfgaardian lemonNilfgaardian Lemon

  • Cannot be crafted

Tw3 redanian herbalRedanian Herbal

  • Cannot be crafted

Tw3 temerian ryeTemerian Rye

  • Cannot be crafted
  • Not used in any Crafting recipes

Tw3 white gullWhite Gull

  • Cannot be purchased from Merchants


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