Locations in the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt feature an open and dynamic world, with areas to explore at will. Here is the list of known areas in the base game. See Blood and Wine Locations for locations added with the Blood and Wine expansion.

List of Locations

  1. Abandoned Sawmill
  2. Abandoned Tower
  3. Abandoned Village
  4. Abandoned Village (White Orchard)
  5. Aeramas' Abandoned Manor
  6. Alness
  7. Ancient Crypt
  8. Ancient Oak
  9. Ardaiso Quarry
  10. Arette
  11. Arinbjorn
  12. Bandits' Camp
  13. Bay of Winds
  14. Benek
  15. Blackbough
  16. Blandare
  17. Boatmakers' Hut
  18. Border Post
  19. Boxholm
  20. Bridge to Kaer Trolde
  21. Burned Ruins
  22. Byways
  23. Carsten
  24. Cavern
  25. Clan Tordarroch Forge
  26. Claywich
  27. Coast of Wrecks
  28. Codgers Quarry
  29. Condyle
  30. Crossroads (Ard Skellig)
  31. Crossroads (No Man's Land)
  32. Crow's Perch
  33. Cunny of the Goose
  34. Dalvik
  35. Dancing Windmill
  36. Destroyed Bastion
  37. Devil's Pit
  38. Distillery
  39. Dorve Ruins
  40. Downwarren
  41. Dragonslayer's Grotto
  42. Drahim Castle
  43. Drudge
  44. Druids' Camp
  45. Duen Hen
  46. Eldberg Lighthouse
  47. Elector's Square
  48. Elverum Lighthouse
  49. Est Tayiar
  50. Eternal Fire Chapel
  51. Fayrlund
  52. Ferry Station
  53. Ford
  54. Forest Hut
  55. Fornhala
  56. Freya's Garden
  57. Frischlow
  58. Fyke Isle
  59. Fyresdal
  60. Gedyneith
  61. Giants' Toes
  62. Glory Gate
  63. Grassy Knoll
  64. Grayrocks
  65. Grotto
  66. Gull Point
  67. Gustfields Farm
  68. Hanged Man's Tree
  69. Hangman's Alley
  70. Harpy Feeding Ground
  71. Harviken
  72. Heatherton
  73. Herbalist's Hut
  74. Hierarch Square
  75. Hindhold
  76. Holmstein's Port
  77. Honeyfill Meadworks
  78. House of Respite
  79. Hov
  80. Ifetogor Gate
  81. Inn at the Crossroads
  82. Isolated Hut
  83. Isolated Hut (Hindarsfjall)
  84. Isolated Shack
  85. Kaer Almhult
  86. Kaer Dhu
  87. Kaer Gelen
  88. Kaer Morhen
  89. Kaer Muire
  90. Kaer Nyssen
  91. Kaer Trolde
  92. Kaer Trolde Harbor
  93. Kimbolt Way
  94. Larvik
  95. Lighthouse
  96. Lindenvale
  97. Lofoten
  98. Lofoten Cemetery
  99. Logger's Hut
  100. Lornruk
  101. Lucian's Windmill
  102. Lurtch
  103. Lurthen
  104. Marauders' Bridge
  105. Marlin Coast
  106. Martin Feuille's Farmstead
  107. Midcopse
  108. Mill
  109. Miners' Camp
  110. Moldavie Residence
  111. Mudplough
  112. Mulbrydale
  113. Nilfgaardian Army Group 'Center' Camp
  114. Nilfgaardian Garrison
  115. Novigrad
  116. Novigrad Docks
  117. Novigrad Gate
  118. Old Watchtower
  119. Olena's Grove
  120. Oreton
  121. Oxenfurt
  122. Oxenfurt Gate
  123. Oxenfurt Harbor
  124. Palisade
  125. Portside Gate
  126. Rannvaig
  127. Ransacked Village
  128. Reardon Manor
  129. Redgill
  130. Refugees' Camp
  131. Road to Bald Mountain
  132. Rogne
  133. Royal Palace in Vizima
  134. Ruined Inn
  135. Ruined Tower
  136. Sarrasin Grange
  137. Sawmill
  138. Seven Cats Inn
  139. Southern Gate
  140. Spitfire Bluff
  141. St. Gregory's Bridge
  142. Stonecutters' Settlement
  143. Sund
  144. Svorlag
  145. Temerian Partisan Hideout
  146. Temple Isle
  147. The Bits
  148. The Descent
  149. The Heroes' Pursuit Kaer Trolde
  150. The Mire
  151. The Orphans of Crookback Bog
  152. The Pali Gap Coast
  153. Toderas
  154. Tor Gvalch'ca
  155. Toussaint
  156. Trail to Yngvar's Fang
  157. Tretogor Gate
  158. Troll Bridge
  159. Trottheim
  160. Urialla Harbor
  161. Urskar
  162. Ursten
  163. Vegelbud Residence
  164. Velen
  165. Wastrel Manor
  166. Western Gate
  167. Whale Graveyard
  168. Wheat Fields
  169. White Bridge
  170. White Eagle Fort
  171. Widow's Grotto
  172. Wild Shore
  173. Winespring Grange
  174. Woesong Bridge
  175. Wolven Glade
  176. Yantra
  177. Yngvar's Fang
  178. Yustianna's Grotto

Roam without borders

Wide open roaming across regions is unspoiled by load times. Landscapes dotted with Points of Interest tempt players to venture off beaten paths in search of possible adventure. Players explore without interruption, encountering no barriers, choosing different means of travel to reach their destination. This whole new approach to exploration means players can vault over barriers, swim through rapids, ride a horse across the dangerous No Man's Land, run through Novigrad's narrow streets, or sail under a full moon amidst the Skellige Islands. The world provides an unprecedented feeling of open space and freedom, taking 40 minutes to traverse on horseback end to end. Players can stand atop a mountain, 1200 meters above sea level, breathless as they ponder the distant abyss and wind-swept isles, their look and feel rendered flawlessly. Along with this players will also be able to use the quick travel mechanic in order to move about in a quicker fashion after arriving at new destinations.

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Regions in Witcher 3 Wild Hunt are large bodies of land that contain many towns and villages and often belong to a specific faction.


White Orchard

Total Number
Recommended Level
0 ~ 3
Arenaria, Balisse fruit, Berbercane fruit, Blowball, Bryonia, Buckthorn, Celandine, Cortinarius, Crow's eye, Fool's parsley leaves, Hellebore petals, Honeysuckle,
Griffin, Noonwraith


Royal Palace in Vizima

Total Number
Recommended Level
Total Number
Total Number


Velen - No Man's Land

Total Number
Recommended Level
Total Number
Total Number



Total Number
Recommended Level
Total Number
Total Number


Kaer Morhen

Total Number
Recommended Level
Total Number
Total Number



Total Number
Recommended Level
Total Number
Total Number

A continent to discover

The world of The Witcher 3 is vast and continuous, yet diverse, with each of its lands distinguishable by a unique feel inspired by different sources and cultural references:

  • The Northern Kingdoms is the name given to the accumulation of all the monarchies situated to the North of the Amell Mountains. The citizens of those monarchies are in turn referred to as Nordlings (primarily by citizens of the Nilfgaardian Empire). Apart from the human populations the land is home to a grand population of Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings
  • No Man's Land: a sparsely populated, war-ravaged territory, based on Slavic mythology. Murky swamps and dark primeval forests cover this land, where monsters lurk behind every tree and no one can be sure whether they will see another sunrise. Its fields stripped bare by passing armies, No Man's Land is a place of anarchy, where might makes right and gold buys life.
  • Skellige: a wind-swept and rugged archipelago, based on Nordic and Celtic legends and sagas. In these isles, inhabited by proud and noble people, warriors seek fame by facing legendary monsters, druids guard nature's secrets, and bards sing of heroes past in torch-lit halls. Stubbornly independent, the Skelligers are rig their longboats and sharpen their spears, ready to lay down their lives defending against the inevitable Nilfgaard invasion.
  • Novigrad and its surroundings: a port city inspired by medieval Amsterdam. In this grand city, as rich and colorful as it is corrupt, players witness the persecution of mages by an all-powerful cult, while at the same time dealing with underworld figures poised to profit from the ongoing world war.
  • Kaer Trolde is a fortress located on the largest landmass amidst the Skellige Archipelago, the Island of Ard Skellig.
  • Skellige - also referred to as The Skellige Islands - is one of the Northern Kingdoms and consists of the six islands located amidst the waters of the Archipelago. The kingdom is situated in the Northern Sea, off the coasts of Cidaris and Verden.
  • Kaer Morhen is the ancient keep where Witchers used to be trained. It's name is an altered version of the Ancient Tongue term "Caer a'Muirehen" which translates to "Old Sea Keep".

A world that lives with or without you

Player actions, whatever their apparent weight, elicit reactions. This principle extends to the new in game economic system, with the price of goods varying based on the surrounding conditions or their place of origin versus Geralt's current whereabouts in the world: the price of fish will differ depending on the distance from water, a village of trappers and hunters will have many tanneries and leather workers, affecting the price of crafting components and armor.

Left to itself, the world continues living:

  • Predators hunt their prey, villages defend themselves against monsters, lovers meet by moonlight.
  • Communities react to temperature changes and other phenomena, seeking shelter when it rains or warmth when the temperature drops; they migrate to fulfill their needs or flee threats, while merchant caravans fill the roads and fishermen sail in search of the best catch.
  • REDengine 3 incorporates location ambience and expanded dynamic lighting, which enables a realistic, highly-detailed day and night cycles as well as diverse weather conditions - players can observe an approaching storm before experiencing its might as they navigate a rough stretch of sea.

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