A Favor for a Friend

(Image of Quest Giver)
Location Gors Velen
Suggested Level 6
Next Quest For the Advancement of Learning
Previous Quest A Towerful of Mice

A Favor for a Friend is a Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

A Favor for a Friend Objectives

  1. Find the Ingredients from the missing transport using your witcher senses
  2. Bring the ingredients to Keira Metz
  3. Race Keira to the meadow
  4. Find Keira using your witcher senses



  • 80 xp
  • no gold
  • no items
  • Possible Sex scene with Keira Metz



Keira asks you to find a trader that was suppose to bring her items, but failed to arrive, The trader was attacked and Geralt will grab the items from it, Keira meets Geralt and both of them go to a fancy dinner that Keira setted up.

Geral has a chance to change his relationship with Keira and if this happens so Geralt will play hide and seek with Keira tracking her clothes, it will end up near the water and the will have an intimate scene, they will both end up looking at the sky and Keira will whisper a spell on Geralt that will make him fall asleep

Notes & Trivia

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