Alchemy in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is the art of mixing Ingredients to make Potions, Decoctions, Bombs and Oils. These concoctions can be further improved by putting ability points into Alchemy Skills and upgrading the existing concoctions using rarer ingredients. Decoctions cannot be upgraded via crafting.

The Witcher's work is perilous so preparation is one's first means of success. Before battle Geralt can use Potions to boost his physical prowess by increasing his Vitality, his resistance to blows, his eyesight in dark environments and so on. He can also use Oils on his weapons to make them more effective against specific prey, like Necrophage Oil that hurts Drowners and similar creatures more.

The base for creating/refilling most alchemical products is Alcohol. Common source for many of the required materials in Alchemy is Plants found around the world. Every time you Meditate for at least one hour all of your Potions, Decoctions and Bombs will be replenished by consuming Alcohest or any other available alcohol spirit.

A video guide on how to use Alchemical Crafting can be found here.





Used to Make




Blue Armor Dye, Superior Cat, Superior Dragon's Dream, Greater Blue Mutagen, Superior Ogroid OilSuperior Samum



13 Superior draconid oil, Superior elementa oil, Superior hybrid oil, Ursine silver sword - superior, Legendary Ursine silver sword - superior, White armor dye

Alchemists' powder


25 Superior devil's puffball, Superior dimeritium bomb, Superior dragon's dream, Superior grapeshot, Superior moon dust, Superior samum

Alchemy paste


30 Master's weapon repair kit, Superior beast oil, Superior cursed oil, Superior draconid oil, Superior elementa oil, Superior hanged man's venomSuperior hybrid oilSuperior insectoid oilSuperior necrophage oilSuperior ogroid oilSuperior relict oilSuperior specter oilSuperior vampire oil



10 Enhanced black bloodEnhanced blizzardEnhanced catEnhanced full moonEnhanced golden oriole,Enhanced Maribor forestEnhanced Petri's philterEnhanced swallowEnhanced tawny owlEnhanced thunderboltEnhanced white honeyEnhanced White Raffard's decoction

Alghoul bone marrow


30 Alghoul decoctionMaribor forest

Alghoul claw


60 monster claw

Alghoul mutagen


20 Alghoul decoctions



5 AlbedoSuperior catEnhanced dragon's dreamSuperior dragon's dreamEnhanced elementa oilSuperior elementa oilNorthern windEnhanced northern windSuperior northern windRebisSuccubus decoctionTurquoise armor dyeVitriol

Ancient leshen mutagen


20 Ancient leshen decoctions

Arachas eyes


45 monster eye

Arachas mutagen


20 Arachas decoctions

Arachas venom


30 Enhanced tawny owlTawny owl

Archgriffin mutagen


20 Archgriffin decoctions



2 Enhanced draconid oilSuperior draconid oilEnhanced necrophage oilSuperior necrophage oilEnhanced ogroid oilSuperior ogroid oilFiend decoctionHanged man's venomEnhanced hanged man's venomKatakan decoctionPetri's philterEnhanced Petri's philterSuperior Petri's philterSpecter oilEnhanced specter oilWhite armor dyeWhite gull
Balisse fruit


2 AlcohestEnhanced cursed oilEarth elemental decoctionKiller whaleNigredoSuperior white honey
Barghest essence


30 Monster essence
Basilisk hide Relic 544 monster carapace
Basilisk mutagen Relic 20 Basilisk decoctions
Basilisk venom Master 45 Venom extract
Bear fat Common 20 Enhanced beast oilEnhanced cursed oilEnhanced draconid oilEnhanced elementa oilEnhanced hanged man's venomEnhanced hybrid oilEnhanced insectoid oilEnhanced necrophage oilOgroid oilEnhanced ogroid oilEnhanced relict oilSpecter oilEnhanced specter oilEnhanced vampire oil
Beggartick blossoms Common 1 AlbedoBasilisk decoctionEnhanced relict oilRed armor dyeSuperior necrophage oilSuperior relict oilVermilionWerewolf decoction
Berbercane fruit Common 3 CatEnhanced catSuperior catEkhidna decoctionMaribor forestEnhanced Maribor forestSuperior Maribor forestRed armor dyeSuperior swallowWater hag decoction
Berserker hide Magic 309 Monster hide
Bison grass Common 1 Enhanced beast oilSuperior beast oilGreen armor dyeSuperior hybrid oilSuperior White Raffard's decoction
Bloodmoss Common 4 Brown armor dyeEnhanced dimeritium bombSuperior dimeritium bombSuperior Hanged Man's VenomSuperior insectoid oilVitriol
Blowball Common  1 Archgriffin decoctionBasilisk decoctionEnhanced dimeritium bombGolden orioleEnhanced golden orioleSuperior golden orioleGreater red mutagenFoglet decoctionEnhanced grapeshotEnhanced moon dustSuperior moon dustNecrophage oilEnhanced necrophage oilEnhanced samumRed mutagenWraith decoctionYellow armor dye
Blue lotus flower Common 10 Lesser blue mutagensBlue mutagensGreater blue mutagens
Blue mutagen Common  20 Greater blue mutagens
Bottomless carafe Relic 0 -
Bryonia Common  2 The Decoctions of the GrassesEnhanced draconid oilSuperior draconid oilEnhanced dragon's dreamSuperior dragon's dreamEnhanced hybrid oilForktail decoctionGriffin decoctionSuperior thunderboltEnhanced White Raffard's decoctionSuperior White Raffard's decoctionVermilion
Buckthorn Common  3 Alghoul decoctionBrown armor dyeEnhanced elementa oilKiller whaleSuperior blizzardEnhanced Petri's philterSuperior Petri's philter
Calcium equum Common  16 Enhanced devil's puffballSuperior devil's puffballGrapeshotEnhanced grapeshotSuperior grapeshot
Cave troll liver Master 30 Superior cursed oilEnhanced ogroid oilSuperior ogroid oilEnhanced relict oil
Celandine Common 2 Enhanced beast oilSuperior beast oilEnhanced blizzardSuperior blizzardEnhanced golden orioleSuperior golden orioleGreen mutagenGreater green mutagenPops' mold antidoteSamumEnhanced samumSuperior samumSwallowEnhanced swallowSuperior swallowWyvern decoctionYellow armor dye
Cherry cordial Common   25 White gull
Chort hide Magic 324 monster hide
Chort mutagen Relic 20 Chort decoctions
Cockatrice egg Magic 55 Monster egg
Cockatrice mutagen Relic 20 Cockatrice decoctions
Cockatrice stomach Master 45 Superior beast oilEnhanced draconid oilSuperior draconid oil
Cortinarius Common 5 Enhanced catSuperior catChort decoctionGrave hag decoctionEnhanced necrophage oilRed armor dyeThunderboltEnhanced thunderboltSuperior thunderboltEnhanced vampire oilSuperior vampire oil
Crow's eye Common 4 AlbedoBlack armor dyeChort lureCockatrice decoctionEnhanced full moonSuperior full moonEnhanced grapeshotEnhanced Maribor forestSuperior Maribor forestNigredoRubedoSuperior swallowTroll decoction
Crystalized essence Magic 75 monster essence
Cyclops' eye Magic 60 Monster eye
Dark essence Magic 45 Enhanced full moonFull moon
Devourer's blood Magic 60 Superior hanged man's venomSuperior necrophage oilSuperior relict oil
Dog tallow Common 10 Beast oilCursed oilDraconid oilElementa oilHanged man's venomHybrid oilInsectoid oilNecrophage oilRelict oilVampire oil
Doppler mutagen Relic 20 Doppler decoctions
Drowner brain Master 30 Drowner pheromonesSwallowEnhanced swallow
Drowner tongue Master 30 Drowner pheromones, SwallowEnhanced swallow
Ducal water Common 14 Northern windEnhanced northern windSuperior northern windVampire oil
Dwarven spirit Common 20 Alghoul decoction, Ancient leshen decoctionArachas decoctionArchgriffin decoctionBasilisk decoctionBlack bloodBlizzardCatChort decoctionCleansing mixtureCockatrice decoctionDoppler decoctionDrowner pheromonesEarth elemental decoctionEkhidna decoctionEkimmara decoctionFiend decoctionFoglet decoctionForktail decoctionFull moonGolden orioleGrave hag decoctionGriffin decoctionKatakan decoctionKiller whaleLeshen decoctionMaribor forestNekker warrior decoctionNightwraith decoctionNoonwraith decoctionPetri's philterSuccubus decoctionSwallowTawny owlThunderboltTroll decoctionWater hag decoctionWhite honeyWhite Raffard's decoctionWraith decoctionWyvern decoction
Earth elemental mutagen Relic 20 Earth elemental decoctions
Ekhidna mutagen Relic 20 Ekhidna decoctions
Ekimmara hide Magic 294 Enhanced cursed oil, Superior cursed oil
Ekimmara mutagen Relic 20 Ekimmara decoctions
Elemental essence Magic 75 Monster essence
Empty bottle Common 1 Alcohest, Dwarven spiritWhite gull
Endrega embryo Magic 45 Enhanced thunderboltThunderbolt
Endrega heart Master 30 Enhanced devil's puffballEnhanced insectoid oilSuperior insectoid oilSuperior devil's puffball
Ergot seeds Common 3 AetherDraconid oilGreater green mutagenHydragenumNoonwraith decoctionRebisSuperior specter oilTurquoise armor dyeVermilion
Erynia eye Magic 45 Enhanced hybrid oilSuperior hybrid oil
Essence of wraith Magic 45 Superior elementa oilReliever's decoctionEnhanced specter oilSuperior specter oil
Fiend mutagen Relic 20 Fiend decoctions
Fiend's eye Magic 75 monster eye
Fifth essence Magic 60 Griffin silver swordLegendary Griffin silver swordMastercrafted Griffin armorMastercrafted Legendary Griffin armorEnhanced vampire oilSuperior vampire oilMastercrafted Wolven armorMastercrafted Legendary Wolven armorWolven silver swordLegendary Wolven silver sword
Foglet mutagen Relic 20 Foglet decoctions
Foglet teeth Magic 45 Enhanced samumSuperior samum
Fool's parsley leaves Common 1 Basilisk decoctionFiend decoctionFoglet decoctionGreen armor dyeEnhanced hanged man's venomSuperior hanged man's venomNekker warrior decoctionEnhanced northern windSuperior tawny owlEnhanced thunderboltSuperior thunderbolt
Forktail hide Magic 564 monster carapace
Forktail mutagen Relic  20 Forktail decoctions
Gargoyle dust Magic 45 powdered monster tissue
Gargoyle heart Magic 45 monster heart
Ghoul's blood Master 30 Black bloodEnhanced black blood
Ginatia petals Common 4 Ancient leshen decoctionBlue mutagenEnhanced devil's puffballSuperior devil's puffballEnhanced dimeritium bombGreater blue mutagenEnhanced hybrid oilSuperior hybrid oilNoonwraith decoctionOgroid oilEnhanced ogroid oilPink armor dye
Golem's heart Magic 45 BlizzardEnhanced blizzard
Grave hag mutagen Relic 20 Grave hag decoctions
Grave hag's ear Master 30 monster ear
Greater blue mutagen Common 20  -
Greater green mutagen Common 20  -
Greater red mutagen Common 20  -
Green mold Common 2 Blue armor dyeBlue mutagenEnhanced devil's puffballGreen mutagenGreater blue mutagenGreater green mutagenSuperior hanged man's venomHydragenumEnhanced relict oilSuperior relict oilRubedoSuccubus decoctionTurquoise armor dye
Green mutagen Common 20 Greater green mutagens
Griffin feathers Magic 60 monster feather
Griffin mutagen Relic 20 Griffin decoctions
Griffin's egg Magic 60 Monster egg
Han fiber Common 4 AetherSuperior black bloodDoppler decoctionSuperior golden orioleEnhanced hanged man's venomNigredoOrange armor dyeRubedoVermilion
Harpy eggs Master 30 Monster egg
Harpy feathers Relic 30 Monster feather
Harpy talons Magic 45 Monster claw
Hellebore petals Common 5 Enhanced black bloodSuperior black bloodEnhanced dancing starFiend decoctionGreater red mutagen
Superior Maribor forestNigredoPurple armor dyeSuperior samumSuperior white honeyVitriol
Honeysuckle Common 8 Ancient leshen decoctionEnhanced elementa oilSuperior elementa oilGreater blue mutagenGreater red mutagenEnhanced insectoid oilEnhanced moon dustPink armor dyeRed mutagenTroll decoctionWhite honeyEnhanced white honeySuperior white honey
Hop umbels Common 3 Superior grapeshotEnhanced moon dustSuperior moon dustEnhanced relict oilSuperior relict oilWerewolf decoction
Hornwort Common 5 Enhanced hybrid oilEnhanced insectoid oilSuperior insectoid oilNigredoVitriol
Hydragenum Magic 34 Gray armor dyeSuperior insectoid oilSuperior necrophage oil
Katakan mutagen Relic 20 Katakan decoctions
Kikimore discharge Magic 45 Acid extract
Leshen mutagen Relic 20 Leshen decoctions
Leshen resin Magic 51 resin
Lesser blue mutagen Common 20 Blue mutagens
Lesser green mutagen Common 20 green mutagen
Lesser red mutagen Common 20 red mutagen
Light essence Master 30 Golden orioleEnhanced golden oriole
Lock of lamia hair Magic 60 monster hair
Longrube Common 4 AetherDoppler decoctionEnhanced grapeshotSuperior grapeshotGrave hag decoctionEnhanced ogroid oil ,Orange armor dyeSuperior Petri's philterQuebrithSuperior specter oil
Lunar shards Magic 40 Enhanced Feline armorEnhanced Legendary Feline armor
Mahakaman spirit Common 8 dwarven spirit
Mandrake cordial Common 45 White Gull
Mandrake root Common 15 Ancient leshen decoctionThe Decoctions of the GrassesEkimmara decoctionEnhanced hanged man's venomGray armor dyeSuperior tawny owl
Mistletoe Common 2 AlbedoEnhanced dragon's dreamEnhanced specter oilNightwraith decoctionRebisRelict oilRubedoSuperior cursed oilSuperior full moonSuperior specter oilWhite armor dye
Moleyarrow Common 4 Enhanced draconid oilEnhanced elementa oilForktail decoctionLeshen decoctionOrange armor dyeSuperior catWyvern decoction
Monster feather Relic 15 Bolts with baitGriffin steel sword - superiorLongclawNegotiatorPrecision boltsTracking boltsEnhanced Wolven armorWolven silver sword - mastercraftedWolven steel sword - superior
Monstrous fang Magic 60 Monster toothMonster saliva
Nazairi basil Common 10 Lesser green mutagensGreen mutagensGreater green mutagens
Necrophage hide Magic 162 monster hide
Nekker blood Magic 30 Monster blood
Nekker claw Master 30 monster claw
Nekker eye Master 30 Enhanced hanged man's venom
Nekker heart Master 30 Enhanced White Raffard's decoction, White Raffard's decoction
Nekker warrior mutagen Relic 20 Nekker warrior decoctions
Nekker warrior's liver Magic 45 Enhanced draconid oilSuperior draconid oil
Nightwraith hair Magic 45 monster hair
Nightwraith mutagen Relic 20 Nightwraith decoctions
Nigredo Relic 35 Black armor dyeSuperior dancing starSuperior dimeritium bombSuperior grapeshotSuperior moon dust,Superior relict oilUrsine silver sword - enhancedLegendary Ursine silver sword - enhanced
Nilfgaardian lemon Common 40 Alcohest
Noonwraith mutagen Relic 20 Noonwraith decoctions
Nostrix Common 7 Superior black bloodEnhanced dancing starSuperior dancing starSuperior draconid oilSuperior elementa oilHydragenumQuebrithWraith decoction
Optima mater Magic 50 Dimeritium bombEnhanced dimeritium bombSuperior dimeritium bombEnhanced dragon's dreamSuperior dragon's dreamMastercrafted Ursine armorMastercrafted Legendary Ursine armor
Phosphorus Common 15 Brown armor dyeEnhanced dancing starSuperior dancing starDragon's dreamSuperior dragon's dreamEnhanced dragon's dreamEnhanced samumSuperior samum
Pringrape Common 5 AlbedoEarth elemental decoctionLeshen decoctionEnhanced necrophage oilSuperior necrophage oilPurple armor dyeQuebrithSuperior White Raffard's decoction
Protofleder mutagen Common 20 -
Puffball Common 2 AetherSuperior beast oilBrown armor dyeChort decoctionEnhanced beast oilEnhanced cursed oilSuperior dimeritium bombDrowner pheromonesElementa oilEnhanced elementa oilEnhanced insectoid oilSuperior insectoid oilQuebrithRubedo
Quebrith Magic 18 Superior full moonSuperior golden orioleSuperior hanged man's venomSuperior northern windSuperior thunderbolt
Quicksilver solution Common 27 Superior Feline armorSuperior Legendary Feline armorMoon dustEnhanced moon dustSuperior moon dust
Ranogrin Common 6 Superior golden orioleGreater green mutagenHydragenumInsectoid oilEnhanced insectoid oilNekker warrior decoctionRebisEnhanced ogroid oilSuperior ogroid oilSuperior Petri's philterVitriolYellow armor dye
Rebis Magic 26 Superior black bloodSuperior blizzardSuperior devil's puffballGreen armor dyeGreen mutagenGreater green mutagenLesser green mutagenSuperior specter oil , Ursine silver sword - mastercraftedLegendary Ursine silver sword - mastercrafted
Red mutagen Common 20 Greater red mutagens
Redanian herbal Common 36 White gull
Ribleaf Common 5 Archgriffin decoctionThe Decoctions of the GrassesEkhidna decoctionGreen armor dyeSuperior Maribor forestEnhanced ogroid oilSuperior ogroid oilEnhanced vampire oilEnhanced White Raffard's decoctionSuperior White Raffard's decoction
Rotfiend blood Magic 45 Cleansing mixtureEnhanced necrophage oil
Rubedo Magic 27 Superior beast oilSuperior cursed oilGreater red mutagenLesser red mutagenSuperior Petri's philterPink armor dyeRed armor dyeRed mutagen
Saltpeter Common 10 Dancing starDevil's puffballDimeritium bombDragon's dreamGrapeshotMoon dustNorthern windSuperior northern windSamumZerrikanian powder
Sewant mushrooms Common 4 Black bloodEnhanced black bloodSuperior black bloodSuperior blizzardEnhanced dancing starSuperior dancing starDevil's puffballEnhanced devil's puffballSuperior devil's puffballDrowner pheromonesGray armor dyeNightwraith decoctionSuperior tawny owl
Shaelmaar dust Magic 45 Powdered monster tissue
Shaelmaar hair Magic 45 Monster heartMonster essence
Siren vocal cords Relic 30 Griffin steel sword - mastercraftedLegendary Griffin steel sword - mastercraftedLegendary Wolven steel sword - mastercraftedWolven steel sword - mastercrafted
Slyzard scale plate Magic 480 Monster carapaceChitinous shell
Specter dust Master 30 Petri's philterEnhanced Petri's philter
Stammelford's dust Common 14 Black armor dyeEnhanced dancing starEnhanced devil's puffballEnhanced dimeritium bombEnhanced dragon's dreamEnhanced grapeshotEnhanced moon dustEnhanced northern windEnhanced samum
Succubus mutagen Relic 20 Succubus decoctions
Sulfur Common 8 Dancing starEnhanced dancing starSuperior dancing starSuperior grapeshotGreater red mutagenEnhanced moon dustSuperior moon dustYellow armor dyeZerrikanian powder
Temerian rye Common 32  -
Troll hide Magic 177 Monster hide
Troll mutagen Relic 20 Troll decoctions
Vampire blood Magic 45 Monster blood
Vampire fang Relic 105 monster tooth
Vampire saliva Master 30 Monster saliva
Verbena Common 5 AetherHydragenumKatakan decoctionSuperior full moonEnhanced northern windSuperior northern windQuebrithRebisTawny owlEnhanced tawny owlSuperior tawny owlSuperior thunderboltVermilionWhite armor dye
Vermilion Magic 30 Superior Maribor forestOrange armor dyeSuperior vampire oilSuperior White Raffard's decoction
Vitriol Magic 23 Blue armor dyeBlue mutagenGreater blue mutagenLesser blue mutagenSuperior swallowTurquoise armor dyeSuperior white honey
Water essence Magic 60 CatEnhanced cat
Water hag mutagen Relic 20 Water hag decoctions
Water hag tooth Magic 75 monster tooth
Werewolf hide Magic 192 monster hide
Werewolf mutagen Relic 20 Werewolf decoctions
Werewolf saliva Magic 60 Monster saliva
White gull Common 100 AetherAlbedoSuperior black bloodSuperior blizzardSuperior catSuperior full moonSuperior golden orioleHydragenumNigredoSuperior Maribor forestSuperior Petri's philterQuebrithRebisRubedoSuperior swallowSuperior tawny owlSuperior thunderboltSuperior white honeySuperior White Raffard's decoctionVermilionVitriol
White myrtle petals Common 2 Arachas decoctionBlizzardEnhanced blizzardSuperior blizzardDwarven spiritEkimmara decoctionHybrid oil
Enhanced hybrid oilSuperior hybrid oilPops' mold antidoteEnhanced swallowSuperior swallowEnhanced white honeySuperior white honey
Wight ear Magic 30 Monster ear
Wight hair Magic 60 Monster hair
Wight stomach Magic 45 Monster stomachMonster blood
Wine stone Magic 38 Enhanced vampire oilSuperior vampire oil
Winter cherry Common 10 Lesser red mutagensRed mutagensGreater red mutagens
Wolf's liver Common 10 Beast oilEnhanced cursed oilGriffin decoctionEnhanced specter oil
Wolfsbane Common 3 Cleansing mixtureCursed oilEnhanced cursed oilFull moonEnhanced full moonSuperior full moonPurple armor dyeEnhanced tawny owlSuperior tawny owlEnhanced vampire oilSuperior vampire oil
Wraith mutagen Relic 20 Wraith decoctions
Wyvern egg Magic 70 Monster egg
Wyvern hide Magic 604 Monster carapace
Wyvern mutagen Relic 20 Wyvern decoctions


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