Builds for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The ability to equip Geralt with various pieces of equipment, in conjuction with his attunement to certain abilities and skill configurations allows the player to customize the protagonist in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The different combinations of skills and pieces of gear are called Builds

Although it was possible in previous games to manage the growth of Geralt along specific paths by improving the various skill-trees, it has never been possible to tailor the character to one's play-style as specifically as it is in the third installment.

You can list your builds on this page, and share your ideas with other players:



Build Name Creator Description
The White Wolf  Wuj0 This build focuses on using Sign Yrden with Whirlwind and Fast Attacks. For even better combo you can use bomb: "Northern Wind".
Of course, you want to wear Wolf School Gear (not for cosplay tho, because it gives bonuses to Yrden and Fast Attacks). Works on EVERY difficulty even Death March++.
Main skills are: All Fast Attacks - mostly Whirl; all Yrden skills.
The Agile Cat Wuj0 Focus of this build is quickly stabbing your opponents with Fast Attacks and Freezing them with Aard while dodging every attack to not lose any of you precious Adrenaline Points.
Works on EVERY difficulty even Death March++.
Main skills are: All Fast Attacks, Adrenaline and Dodge skills, all Aard skills.
Combat/Alchemy Hybrid Aurugorn Focuses on Combat and Alchemy for both offense and defense. Speccing into the Alchemy tree makes our potions last longer and allows us to get a high level of toxicity which makes it so we can use multiple potions/decoctions. The extra defenses and survivability this builds grants are meant for Death March.
The School of Bear Caythwyn Crush Death March under your boot while looking good in the process. A Build built for Ursine Armor, Alchemy, and some seriously satisfying Swordplay.
  Shorty Focusing on Signs, especially Igni and Quen. Keep Quen in Standard-Mode activated and use Igni in secondary Mode for dealing most of the damage. Doging and Swordplay are of course also required but mostly for deathblows, keeping enemies away and to fill Stamina Gaps. If health low use Quen in secondary Mode to gain total health within two enemy blows. Yrden for defense against prjocetiles, Axi mainly for dialoges - Both can be changed for personal playstyle. General Skills for Stamina and Adrenalin generation and an emergency Sign cast (Alternativ Focus for increased Sign damage).
Death March Combat Build ghoxen Intended for Death March difficulty, including multiple stages for the leveling process. Focuses on fast attacks with insane amounts of damage bonus, use of Axii and Yrden, and in the late game the build makes use of heavy attack enemy debuffs for fast attacks.
  Dagwood Ever wish The Witcher was more like Dark Souls? Wish granted! This is a high damage potential build intended for use with the Feline Witcher equipment. Effective use of this build requires skill on the part of the user but can easily cut down many high level foes if used well. With this build the idea is to use the 100% damage evasion dodge to your advantage and primarily use fast attacks to work up adrenaline points for further damage and hopefully get a lot of critical hits and bleeding effects in. An effective "hit and run" build. Use on Death March difficulty not for the feint of heart, as this build has lower defense and can't take too much damage. The Undying perk is used to compensate for this.
  Dagwood Build dedicated to optimal use of the crossbow. Recommended for use with Ursine crossbow and light armor to be able to remain evasive enough to keep enemies at a distance. Can be paired with the Aard sign to knock down opponents to either shoot them while they're down or increase the distance between you and them. Uses skills to give optimal crossbow damage, critical hit, adrenaline gain, and adrenaline damage with fast attack skills and the Undying skill as a backup. Fast attack damage and bleed effect paired with the chipping damage of the crossbow lets you give your enemies a slow and painful death for the psychopath in us all.
  Dagwood Build focused on use of potions, decoctions, and blade oils for both offence and defense rather than combat skills. Takes a good deal of preparation before it becomes effective, but once you have all the potions, oils, and decoctions you want, this build becomes a venomous tank. Using any decoction increases health by 1,000 points, and potions and decoctions alike last for an incredible amount of time. Effective use of this build requires a bit of strategy on the part of the user, but with the right decoctions, potions, and oils for each situation you can take on just about anything. Recommended for use with light armor and weapons with fortified poison damage. Since this build already has a chance of inflicting poison, stacking the chance for it to take effect and the increased potion effect perks can make this effect much more viable. Just be sure to have a lot of alcohol on hand.
 Wolf School  Adkorh Building first on Alchemy and secondary on Signs. The goal of this build is to maximise the dammages using the enemies weakness for oils and signs.

Alchemy focus mainly on Oil Preparation and Mutation. Signs prioritize diversity, with every row having one dedicated slot.
The Wolf School Gear, aswell as the Griffin School Gear fits this build. More informations here.
 Geralt the God  Memelord4

This is the "perfect build" for those seeking to become the absolute strongest being in the game, however be warned that the game will become less fun upon obtaining it. Building primarily on the Alchemy and Combat tree, a large focus is on survivability (investing in high resistance armor-Undvik/ marstercrafted Ursine, and the protective coating skill) which when paired together with the right decoctions and oils can grant the user over 100% resistance to monster and slashing damage. With this build, attacks that would normally 1 shot you do a miniscule amount of damage even on Upscaled Deathmarch (You can even take on an army of guards and walk out unscathed). Of course as a cheeky immortal you must also have your elixir of eternal life, so put 5 points into refreshments. With it, you can restore yourself to full health just by popping 2 potions even after standing idle for 2 minutes during combat (perfect for those often afk). The euphoria mutation along with levity enchantment+cat school techniques is icing on the cake for this build which makes you do ridiculous damage along with your newfound immortality.

Again I don't recommend this "perfect" build for everybody as the its sheer overpoweredness saps the joy and immersion out of combat.  

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    • Anonymous

      I just have realized why I was having do much problem with my build (@lvl45; DM; Upscaling; BnW) - totally lacking defence. I was going Griffin armour, with maxing out just 4 things - igni, aard, light & heavy attacks. I was so wrong. No HP, no fun perks, no defence, no crowd control except aard. Don't do this!

      • Anonymous

        My own build closely follows the Cat School Build as described above. I would add, though that building up Quen can help a lot since as mentioned, this build doesn't allow you to take a lot of damage. I also compensate for this by using Green Mutagen to boost Vitality. The Cat School Build & variations of it certainly require you to stay on your toes but also make for a very rewarding combat experience. Comparing this play style to Dark Souls, especially on Death March is no exaggeration.

        • Anonymous

          I have a hybrid style of alchemy skills combat skills sign skills and general skills maybe you guys should add that is a great build

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