Wine is Sacred

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Type Main Quests
DLC Blood and Wine
Location Beauclair Palace
Suggested Level 42
Prerequisite Where Children Toil, Toys Waste Away
Next Quest The Man from Cintra

Wine is Sacred is a Main Quest from the Blood and Wine DLC in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Main Quests are the main storyline of the game that can have a major effect towards the endings. Some of these quests may have dialogue choices that will alter the ending of the game.

Wine is Sacred can begin after completing the Where Children Toil, Toys Waste Away. This is a part of the main questline from the Blood and Wine DLC. The DLC is required for this quest. 


Following what can only be described as a surprising turn of events, the witcher had no choice but to report to the duchess. He needed to inform her that the hunt for the Beast would be no ordinary monster hunt. Fully aware of the fiery temperament of Anarietta, Toussaint's gracious ruler, Geralt was justified in thinking the meeting would not be among the most pleasant he had ever had...


The Witcher 3 Wine is Sacred Objectives

  • Report to the duchess about your hunt for the Beast.

If you said you need more time:

  • Tell Anna Henrietta when you're ready to go.

When you are ready:  

  • Escort Anna Henrietta to Castel Ravello.
  • Save the peasants from the panthers. 

If Anna Henrietta and Damien leave after encountering the panthers:

  • Meet Anna Henrietta and Damien near Castel Ravello.
  • Search the wine cellar with Anna Henrietta.
  • Read the wine register.

If you found the wine before reading the register:

  • Guide Anna Henrietta to the isle with barrels containing the right vintage of Sangreal.

If you haven't found the wine yet:

  • Find Sangreal from the 1269 vintage.
  • Knock on the barrels to see if they are full.
  • If you don't have a tap yet:
  • Find barrel taps.
  • If you don't have a tapping hammer yet:
  • Find a tapping hammer.
  • Tap the barrels for Anna Henrietta. 
  • If you said you need more time:
  • Tell Damien when you're ready for the ambush.
  • Defeat the bandits. 

If you decide to meet later:

  • Join Anna Henrietta at the guard post in the port district.


Rewards for Wine is Sacred in The Witcher 3

  • 2,550exp icon witcher 3 wiki guide


Walkthrough for The Witcher 3 Wine is Sacred

Your first objective is to Report to the duchess about your hunt for the Beast. Once you reach the duchess and enter the cutscene, complete the dialogue. You can choose to proceed now or later by telling Harietta that you need more time. If you tell her you need time, you will need to return to her and tell her when you are ready. 

The next step is to escort them to Castel Ravello. Follow them closely on horseback. You will eventually encounter a struggle. You will need to save the peasant from the panthers, but do it quickly without losing the Duchess. If you do lose them during this interaction, you can Meet Anna Henrietta and Damien near Castel Ravello and they will be there.

Once you arrive you will have to get through the cutscene and the dialogue. Once you're through, follow the duchess, Anna, to the cellar. Search the wine cellar with Anna Henrietta. You need to read the wine registry which will be on the table just next to the stair entrance. After interacting with it, you will need to find Sangreal from the 1269 vintage. If you look at your map, you will have a few circled areas to search. You just need to search each area and interact with the labels. This will be highlighted in red with your witcher Senses. The one you're looking for is upstairs on the southern side of the cellar. The Duchess will then instruct you to start knocking on the barrels to hear a hollow thud. You will need to knock on all of them before speaking to Anna to inform her they are all full. She will ask you to find some barrel taps. Head back downstairs and you will find one on top of a crate at the southwest corner of the cellar. Head back up and then tap the barrels. Quickly head back upstairs and interact with all the barrels to tap them. The Duchess will then follow, trying the wine in the barrels to determine if they are Sangreal. A cutscene will follow. 

Complete the dialogue, wait for the cutscene to play out, and prepare to fight following the end of the scene. Once the scene ends, you will be thrown into battle, and you will need to defeat the bandits. The end of this fight will end with another cutscene. 

Defeating the bandits will be the final objective unless you decide to meet them later. The quest will end at the end of the cutscene and you can continue the questline. 


Wine is Sacred Journals

Geralt managed to sway the duchess' conviction - she agreed that he would, for now, forgo tracking the vampire and focus instead on locating whoever held the vampire in thrall. He had some leads already. These prompted him to go to the ducal vineyard of Castel Ravello. For it was the source of the famed Sangreal, a wine only ever served at the Ducal Palace to the noblest guests to come to court, including - not to boast - the undersigned. And I will be candid – I've had better. Yet it seemed at the time that whoever was blackmailing the vampire had acquired a taste for Sangreal specifically. Thus the witcher and the duchess set out to inspect the vineyard in the hope of finding another lead.
The witcher's suspicions had proved true – Sangreal seemed indeed to be the key to finding the blackmailer. The steward of Castel Ravello admitted he had sold a barrel of the wine to a Cintrian nobleman. The witcher and a unit of ducal guardsmen decided to wait in ambush for said connoisseur...
Alas, the Cintrian proved a notch too clever. When Geralt attempted to deliver the second barrel of wine, the nobleman was nowhere in sight. Some hired thugs found themselves caught in the ambush, and the witcher thrashed them heroically with the aid of his escort of guardsmen. The single captured rogue, when questioned, confirmed the bandits' leader was indeed the mysterious Cintrian, who was said to be hiding somewhere in Toussaint.
While investigating, the witcher had learned the Cintrian was not working alone. He stood at the head of a well-organized group of brigands. It was still not clear that the nobleman himself was Dettlaff's blackmailer. Yet even were he to prove merely an intermediary in the scheme, it was likely he would know where to find those directly responsible.


The Witcher 3 Wine is Sacred Notes & Trivia

  • Notes, Tips, Other Trivia for Wine is Sacred.



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