Pyres of Novigrad

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Pyres of Novigrad is a Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Pyres of Novigrad Objectives

  1. Visit Triss in her house.
  2. Look for thieves on the main square and carefully follow them.
  3. Talk with beggars about the King of Beggars.
  4. Find an entrance into the sewers outside Novigrad.
  5. Find the King of Beggars' hideout.
  6. Meet with the King of Beggars.
  7. Follow Triss.
  8. Enter the basement.
  9. Find the secret passage using your Witcher Senses (the hidden button is on the wall), then open it.
  10. Find the lost parcel.
  11. Give Triss the parcel.
  12. Place rat traps.
  13. Tell Triss you've completed your task.
  14. Talk to Triss
  15. Fight the Witch Hunters.
  16. Leave the warehouse.



  • 200 xp



 It's best to take on this quest once you've finished Bloody Baron as you'll need the Baron's letter to get you across the river. (If you've already visited Oxenfurt then you're free to head over to Novigrad at any point).

 When you enter the city, follow your objective marker on the minimap until you encounter a cutscene where Caleb Menge is conducting a public execution. This is important, as Menge has decreed that all magic users, creatures or general oddities are considered outlaws and will burn them publicly to show his intent. This, unfortunately covers Witchers too. Once the cutscene is done, head through the doors to the right of the courtyard and you'll come to Triss' house, which is being ransacked by a pair of looters.

 Beat the snot out of the looters until they start answering questions. They'll tell you that Triss is likely in the Putrid Grove, a place where all oddities are hiding out. They tell you to follow a beggar or a pick pocket and they'll lead you to the Grove as they all have to appease The King Of Beggars. Once the cutscene is finished and Menge has made his veiled threat towards you, head out into the town.

 Your minimap will have multiple objective markers on it, so find one and follow it. Beggars will need bribing to tell you where the Grove is, thieves can be followed. Bear in mind if you choose to follow a thief they will NOT be highlighted for your Witcher senses, so you need to pay attention and follow them the old fashioned way.

 When you reach the entrance to Putrid Grove, you'll be asked for a password. If you have Deception 2 on your Axii sign then you can influence the doorman, otherwise it'll cost you 50 crowns to get in. When you're in, Triss will be talking to the King so pay attention and take the time to get acquainted with everyone.

 The next part of the quest involves picking up a package for Triss. Follow her to a smuggler she has been using. The smuggler tells you that he got rid of the package when he thought he was going to be searched, he threw it into the river. Triss will lead you to the water and it's up to you to dive in and find the parcel for her. When you return to her, she'll lead you to the final part for this quest, a granary which has an infestation of rats.

 The granary owner will be outside and will tell you about his predicament. You can insist on money up front, half up front or just to do the job. In the granary, use your witcher sense to find evidence of rats (completely bypassing the swarm of rats occupying the place...). Once you've put the solution down at all three points you'll get a reflective cutscene between Geralt and Triss as they wait for the sorcery to work.

 Of course, this is a double cross and the granary owner will return with Menge's guards ready to take the two of you in. And of course, you will fight the soldiers and win. Once you're outside, if you didn't demand payment upfront Geralt will extort a double payment from the granary owner. Triss will then say she needs to get off the streets, but not before instructing you to the start of the Novigrad Dreaming quest.


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