The Nilfgaardian Connection

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Bloody BaronHunting a Witch
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Imperial Audience

The Nilfgaardian Connection is a Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

"Geralt traveled to Velen in search of Ciri, an act that attested to the depth of his devotion. Only a man who has been to this land can know just how vile it is. At this time it was commonly known as No Man's Land. Why? Well, the emperor of Nilfgaard had not yet claimed it, Temeria was in disarray, and the Redanians had already retreated north. No Man had been left in charge, and he had proved a terrible ruler.

Geralt needed to find Hendrik, an imperial agent who had been working on Ciri's case, and to collect from him what information he had managed to gather."

The Nilfgaardian Connection Objectives

  1. Find a Nilfgaardian spy in Velen
  2. Find Hendrick



  • 100 xp
  • 0 gold
  • 0 items



 Once you have completed the Imperial Audience quest, you'll start off the first act of the game proper with this fairly straightforward quest. Your task is to find a Nilfgaardian spy in Velen who may have information on Ciri's location. When you've fast travelled from the palace in Vizima you'll appear on a path in Velen, in sight of a rather grim hanging tree.

 Follow the marker on your mini-map to your first destination, a tavern in a small hamlet. Speak to the Innkeeper (who also acts as a merchant) and he'll inform you that Hendrik, the man you seek, is laying low in a small village not far from you. Right now, this is all you can do in the hamlet, so use the mini-map and world map and make your way over to Hendrik's supposed location.

 When you reach the village, the colour palette changes and Geralt remarks about the smell. You'll see three rabid dogs attacking a man, kill them and speak to him. He'll tell you of how the Wild Hunt came to the village, killed everyone and paid special attention to Hendrik. He'll direct you to where Hendrik was hiding out, so head to the hut and use your Witcher sense to search Hendrik's body. In his boots you'll find a key. Search the rest of the hut and you'll uncover a trapdoor under a rug. Open it and head down.

 In the cellar, explore, loot and eventually you'll come across a candlestick that opens a hidden cupboard. In the cupboard is a chest containing a ledger. Read all of the entries in the ledger and you'll have two leads for Ciri's location and two quests to do, Bloody Baron and Hunting A Witch. Pick whichever you want and move on.


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