The Isle of Mists

Type Main Quest
Location Skellige
Suggested Level 22
Prerequisite Ugly Baby
Next Quest The Battle of Kaer Morhen

The Isle of Mists is a Main Quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Main Quests are the main storyline of the game that can have a major effect towards the endings. Some of these quests may have dialogue choices that will alter the ending of the game.

Many quests will be failed or made unavailable following the warning given at the beginning of the quest, some of which entail significant subplot content. To learn more, see Cutoff Point below.


After a long search Geralt was at last a step from his goal. Avallac'h had hid Ciri from the Hunt on the magical Isle of Mists, which could only be reached if fate deemed one worthy or by following a magic firefly, which was decidedly the easier option. Geralt thus readied himself to sail to the isle and bring back Ciri.

Finally after years of separation, weeks of searching, dozens of false trails and endless worry,Geralt had found Ciri. They were not given long to celebrate their reunion, however. As soon as Ciri awoke from her magic slumber the Wild Hunt picked up the trail and began to attack. Geralt and his adopted daughter thus had no choice but to use Ciri's special abilities to flee to Kaer Morhen and face their attackers there.


The Witcher 3 The Isle of Mists Objectives

  1. Follow the firefly.
  2. Check what's in the hut.
  3. Look for Ivo in the cave.
  4. Look for Gaspard near the lighthouse.
  5. Look for Ferenc along the coast.
  6. Bring Gaspard to the hut.
  7. Wake Gaspard up.
  8. Return to the hut.
  9. Go to Skellige.

Rewards for The Isle of Mists in The Witcher 3

  • 1000 EXP

Walkthrough for The Witcher 3 The Isle of Mists

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't begin this quest until you are satisfied with your recruiting progress made during the Brothers in Arms series of quests.

Avallac'h will summon an orb to help you across Skellige. Navigate across the ocean to the mists off the coast of Undvik and you will be teleported near the Isle of Mists. Mind the island outcrops and the remnants of ships. You can stop your ship and fire or use your signs to defeat any sirens in the way.

Once on shore, follow the light, minding the foglets that appear. Knock on the door of the cottage in the the hillside. Tell the man about your search for Ciri. Answer however you wish and then tell them you'll look for their lost mates, Ivo Gaspard and Ferenc. You can ask where each was last seen. You may seek the missing dwarves in any order you'd like.

To find Ivo, head down the path and head north across the grass and twisted trees, fighting off harpies. Head slightly northeast toward and through an arch and onto a beach. Jump the gap to the dunes. The coast is covered in trash and a few hags will attack. You will hear a call for help from Ivo. Head to him and say you've spoken to his friends. He makes to come down but slips and falls to his head.

To find Ferenc cross the island heading south, looking out for foglets. Once you reach a flatter area, you wil see a large fiend near a tree. Defeat it and inspect the corpse nearby which is Ferenc.

To find Gaspard, head north from Ferenc's corpse through the woods. You will come to a lighthouse. Head in and climb the ladders to the burning fire. You will find Gaspard asleep. Speak to him about Ciri, his friends and leave to explore if you want. If you want to rescue him, tell him his friends told you to find him. Interact with him to shake him awake. Head on through foglets, defeat about 3 of them and escort Gaspard all the way to the hut.

Once you return to the hut, Gaspard gives the all clear and you explain what happened to the other 2 dwarves. You find Ciri in a deep sleep and she wakens. Speak to her about Avallac'h. She will tell you a manner of stories. You leave to find the dwarves have stolen your boat. Ciri opens a portal and flees to Kaer Morhen. This quest now finishes.

The Witcher 3 The Isle of Mists Notes & Trivia

  • Notes, Tips, Other Trivia for The Isle of Mists.



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