Wandering in the Dark

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Main Quest
The Mire, Velen
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Ladies of the Wood
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A Princess in Distress

Wandering in the Dark is a Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

"Finding Ciri in Velen had proven harder than tracking a swallow on a rainy day. According to Keira, an elven mage had been tracking this particular swallow as well. Had he found her? Did he know more about her fate? Geralt knew he had to find out, and Keira, well, she had unfinished buisness of her own with the mage. And so the witcher and sorceress set out together on a journey into darkness to find the mysterious elf's underground hideout."

Wandering in the Dark Objectives

  1. Meet Keira
  2. Destroy the Rat Nests
  3. Fight the Guardia
  4. Fight the Wild Hunt Warrior



  • 350 xp
  • 0 gold
  • 0 items



 This quest begins immediately following the Hunting A Witch quest. After some discussion between Keira and Geralt, you'll enter the ruins in search of the Elf who was looking for Ciri. When you get down the first set of stairs you'll see a cutscene of the Wild Hunt heading through a portal. Keira will generate a portal in an attempt to follow them, however when you walk through it you'll end up down in the bottom of the area with a load of drowners. Fight your way back to Keira, who is trapped in a room off to the side being hounded by two rat's nests. Use Igni to destroy these nests and you can then progress.

 Work your way through the fairly linear path through the dungeon until you come out at an area containing some wraiths. Kill the wraiths and follow the suggested path (the game insinuates you should follow the sparrow signs, but there's only one path out of this area). You'll come to a dead end and be prepared for a fight. This is a strange battle as two wraiths take on the appearance of Geralt and Keira, meaning you have a mirror match. Fighting the Geralt is very difficult unless you make full use of your runes and the parry ability.

 Once you've dealt with the wraiths, you'll need to find evidence of Ciri's horse (as the phantom message had referenced her horse). Peer into the pit in the middle of the room and use your Witcher sense, you'll see the image of a horse outlined in red. Jump into the water and interact with it, then swim under and follow the only route through. When you come out of the water, use your Witcher vision again and you'll find another horse symbol. Interact with it and you'll open the blocked door back where Keira was.

 When the door opens you'll see the outline of the first boss this area has, a rather nasty Golem. Before you head into the room make sure you meditate to refill your potions as you'll find Thunderbolt especially useful here. When you engage the Golem be careful. He hits hard and has a few attacks to be wary of. Fortunately he is slow and telegraphs well, but still, be careful. Be particularly aware of his charge attack which does a devastating combo if he catches you. Make use of Quen to avoid taking too much damage. Aard is very useful in this fight as when the Golem is not in a charge attack you can stagger him for a couple of strong hits.

 Once the Golem is downed, climb up and follow the path out of the room. Follow the marker on the mini map and you'll come up to a wall, which is actually a portal. Use your Witcher vision to find the symbol to interact with and the portal will open. Walk through and you'll get a bit of story, with the dungeon guards frozen mid attack. Carry on up the stairs (making sure to loot everything you can) and you'll find yourself at another cutscene, where you are given your first showing of Nithral. Prepare for a protection mission though, as Nithral freezes the room and opens three portals. Keira will put a magical shield up and instruct you to stay close to her. While you're in the shield you'll be fine but if you stray from it, then you'll take damage fast. As Keira starts to close each portal they'll spawn six enemies which you need to kill. Keira can take damage here so be on your toes and kill the enemies before they do too much damage to Keira. Once all three portals are closed the ice effect will dissipate, giving you another cutscene.

 Once the cutscene is done, follow the path out of the room. Ahead you'll see a broken wall, so use Aard to break the wall down and loot the area beyond. Be warned, when you open the chest a fogger enemy will appear and ambush you.

 Carry on back to the path, following Keira and you'll come into a room where you'll fight Nithral. This fight has three phases. The first phase is a straight fight with Nithral. When you get him down to the bottom of his health, he'll protect himself and open a portal. When the portal is open enemies from the previous room will come in. You can't hit Nithral like this, so kill the enemies and wait for him to be ready to fight. When he gets back up he'll be at full health for the second phase. Fight him till he's nearly dead and he'll heal again and summon more enemies. When the third phase starts he wont be at full health but he will be healed. In this last phase, attack him as you've been doing, making use of Igni and combo attacks and you'll have him down.

 When he's down, walk to the end of the room, watch the last phantom message and you'll have completed the quest.


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      Secret room after Nithral fight.05 Jul 2016 15:35  

      You can blast throu a door in the beginning of the boss room directly to the right after you drop down. But then you have a room with the roof caved in. And the rubble is yellow in witcher view but i dont know how to clear it. Tried with Aard,Dragons dream, Grapeshot ,Igni. So far no luck. I dont have the dancing star yet so maybe that will work

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