Warehouse of Woe

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West of Novigrad Docks
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Warehouse of Woe is a Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

"Geralt can hardly spend a day in even the most seemingly idyllic village without being asked to kill a monster, so it should come as no surprise such requests came to him in Novigrad as well. On one occasion he was asked to clean a warehouse of nekkers. The two owners - a man and a dwarf - blamed each other for attracting the monsters there in a plot to gain sole control over the building."

Warehouse of Woe Objectives

  1. Kill the monster.
  2. Tell the guardsman what happened in the warehouse.


  • 25 xp
  • 60 crowns


Enter the warehouse next to the men and make quick due of the nekker inside. It is level 13 and should pose no threat if you are capable at dodging and above level 6. Fighting a solo nekker is very easy, just dodge away and use quen if you are low level or playing on the harder difficulties.
On the floor left of where the nekker was standing in the back of the warehouse there is a set of foot prints and a broken crate. Inspect these to figure out the perpetrator and report the findings to the guard.

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Notes & Trivia

  • You can cover for the dwarf and tell the guard you didn't find any clues to how it got there, or tell the guard who did it. The reward will be the same either way.
  • The one you blame - if either - will be taken away by the guards to presumably get hanged.

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