Secondary Quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are optional and additional Quests and objectives not required to complete the game. However, some Secondary Quests are a consequence or have an effect on the Main Quests, and are noted accordingly. These Secondary Quests are usually encountered in various Location when actively speaking to different NPCs who may prompt you with a quest or Contract. Complete more Secondary Quests in order to gain extra rewards and benefits. View each individual quest for details on requirements, location how to activate them and all rewards for each secondary quest. DLC content secondary quests: Blood and Wine Quests and Hearts of Stone Quests have also been sorted into the pages further below for more information and content from these DLC packs, view Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone to be directed to their DLC content pages.

Special Secondary Quests

Some secondary quests in Witcher 3 are recurring challenges that can be located in multiple Locations such as games of Gwent, Racing and Horse racing challenges and Fistfighitng Challenges. Additional content from these challenges may also be found in DLC Content. These are optional activities that can be completed for extra rewards. 

Gwent Challenges Witcher 3

Gwent players can be encountered throughout the different Locations of Witcher 3. A numbers of Characters and NPCs will have an option to play a round of Gwent when interacted with. Gwent has its own set of related quests and challenges that can be completed for rewards. 

Race Challenges Witcher 3

Players may choose to engage in racing or horseracing matches. These could be activated by checking notice boards or speaking to race coordinators.

 Fistfighting Challenges Witcher 3

Gain a chance to earn extra coin by participating in different Fistfighing matches and challenges encountered through different Locations. This can be found inside some taverns or inns in Witcher 3. Fistfighting quests may be encountered as part of a regular secondary quest questline. 



All Secondary Quests Witcher 3 


All DLC Quests Witcher 3



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