Missing In Action

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Location Ransacked Village, Crossroads, Overgrown Cabin
Suggested Level 1-2
Next Quest ??
Previous Quest ??

Missing In Action is a Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is only accessible during Lilac and Gooseberries. You acquire in initially from the Notice Board in the middle of the village. You must find Dune at the Ransacked Village, and speak to him.

This quest becomes unavailable once you leave for Vizima.

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Missing In Action Objectives

Nearest Signpost: Northeast of Crossroads

  1. Meet Dune near the battle field
  2. Search for Temerian shields with small white flowers painted on them.
  3. Follow the dog's trail.



  • 25 xp
  • 20 Crowns
  • No items



Related Characters: Dune, Bastien, Rhosyn, Hussar
Enemies: Ghouls

Find Dune sitting by a dog, and agree to find his brother, who you may recognize by his patterned shield. You will then have to travel to the battlefield (you may fast-travel to the Crossroads signpost) and battle Ghouls as you inspect shields to find his brother. After you find a burnt corpse, the dog Hussar will pick a scent. Follow using your Witcher Senses and find Bastien with a deflector from the other side of the war.


  • Agree with Dune and abandon Rhosyn.
  • Agree with Bastien and let Rhosyn live.

Alternate path:
If you ignored this quest, both soldiers die
If you run into the cabin with the soldiers without having triggered it, Rhosyn will die.

Video Walkthroughs

  • Walkthrough Video

- FiOth FiOth -

- JudasBlitzkrieg JudasBlitzkrieg -

Notes & Trivia

  • This quest is bugged. Duplicate Dune and Hussar characters appear at farm upon completion.
  • During the Quest's search phase - in the battlefield - you only need to concern yourselves with the Red aura shields. The Orange ones contain only low-cost loot.


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