Beyond Hill and Dale...

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Next Quest Tesham Mutna
Previous Quest The Night of the Long Fangs

Beyond Hill and Dale... is a main Blood and Wine Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Beyond Hill and Dale... Objectives

  1. Find three magic beans
  2. Go see the three little pigs
  3. Visit the three bears
  4. Visit Grand Mamma's House
  5. Talk to the girl who sells flint
  6. Talk to Longlocks
  7. Search for a magic bean in the brick house



  • ?? xp
  • ?? gold
  • ?? items



NOTE: The decisions you make in this quest affect the outcome of the main story. Consult the Blood and Wine Endings Guide for details.

Head to the Captain's location and defeat the Fleder. Use your witcher senses to follow the trail to the east and north to another Fleder. Defeat it and obtain the info from Damien. Speak to the Ravens to inform Regis that you are ready. Return to the palace and wait for Regis to unlock the door and go upstairs. Inspect the picture at the top of the stairs to find a key. Use it to open the cupboard across the room. Inspect the book in here and read the diary on the desk. Read all the entries and then read the book in the cupboard.

Follow the yellow brick road until you come to a bridge, taking caution of the Archespore nearby. At the marker, a Wicked Witch will appear. Take out the beast she summons and wait for her to drop her protection to fire a bolt at her. Once she's knocked down, move in and take the sword to her. Repeat this until she is defeated, and then you will form a peace treaty of sorts with Syanna.

Continue down the yellow road. You will encounter some Pixies eventually. Upon arriving at the Unicorn, ride it to the marker. Defeat the wolves when you arrive. Speak with the Boy Who Cried Wolf to ascertain the location of the three beans.

  • Yellow Bean: Make your way to the tower and make a running jump across the gap in the steps. Climb the ladder and take the spiral staircase until you come to a crack in the wall. Head in and up the stairs and through several doors until you reach the top. Defeat the Specter here and find the bean on the bed. You can jump from the balcony here into the water.
  • Red Bean: Head to Grand Mamma's house and speak with the Big Bad Wolf. Drop down the well and dive to find the red hood and swim out the tunnel. Defeat the Big Bad Wolf and you'll find the bean in its guts.
  • Blue Bean: Go see the 3 Little Pigs. Use Aard to blow their house down and chop them up.

In this spot, in a small pool east of the slope that leads to the tower you can follow a Will'o the Wisp to a dead knight. The two fairy tales left are optional, The Three Bears and Flint Girl.

Head for the garden and take out the Pixies. In the center of the area, plant the beans in the ground and take the beanstalk. Defeat the giant. You may opt to grant Syanna's last wish here.

Head towards the castle. When you reach the bridge you will see a Will'o the Wisp, which you can follow into a cave where you will find a relic silver sword and a Dark Souls easter egg as you have to light the bonfire to earn the weapon. Once ready, jump into the well to continue the story and leave this fairy tale diversion. The quest ends and the next quest, Tesham Mutna begins.

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