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A Favor for Radovid
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Broken Flowers

Get Junior is a Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

"Thanks to the lovely Priscilla, Geralt now knew Ciri and I had struck a deal with *****son Junior, one of the Big Four bosses of the Novigrad underworld. It seemed a simple matter of finding *****son, having a chat and getting out of him where to look for me. But in the Novigrad of the time nothing was simple, and nothing was as it seemed...
Fate is like a Novigrad prostitute - sometimes you get more than you bargained for. Geralt found *****son after a great deal of meandering, during which he realized the man he sought was scum of the worst variety. Because of *****son, Ciri had been wounded, I had landed in prison, and Dudu had been subjected to torture.

If Geralt kills *****son Junior:

It thus came as no surprise that, once he had the information he wanted, Geralt killed the heinous man without batting an eye. Having achieved what he set out to do and lanced a particularly loathsome boil on the skin of humanity while he was at it, he went forth to pursue his new leads.

If Geralt spares *****son Junior:

This man surely deserved death, yet Geralt decided the greater punishment would be to let him live in shame and agony. Having achieved what he wanted and brought justice to a vile man while he was at it, he then set off to follow his new leads."

Get Junior Objectives

  1. Go to the bathhouse and talk to Sigi Reuven.
  2. Get undressed and put your clothing in the dresser.
  3. Follow Happen.
  4. Nearest Signpost: North of Hierarch Square.
  5. Defeat the assassins
  6. ??



  • ?? xp
  • ?? gold
  • ?? items



Head to the bathhouse in the central part of Novigrad's main district. Knock on the entrance and wait. You are led to the dressing room where you will disrobe by depositing your gear in a dresser. Make your way through the bathhouse. Open the door you are led to and you will speak with Cleaver. As you are talking to him and Reuven, intruders will enter the house. 

Defeat the henchmen by using your signs and temporary weapon. Speak to the men afterwards about your desire to find *****son. Speaking with Cleaver about helping the dwarves to trigger the quest The Gangs of Novigrad.

Dress and meet Dijksra in his office. Speak with him about *****son. You learn he owns a casino in the Bits District, a fightiing arena in the sewers beneath Gildorf and a house in Novigrad on Temple Isle. You will have to explore these areas.

After speaking about *****son, you can ask Dijkstra about Radovid and Philippa Eilhart, his previous occupation as a spy and about Dandelion. He will talk to you about problems he's having which triggers the main quest Count Reuven's Treasure.

Swim or cross the bridge to Temple Isle. Approach the front entrance to find Cleaver's men already there. Inspect the scattered papers and and head up the stairs to use your Witcher Senses to find a dead end. At this point the following quests are set in motion, The Gangs of Novigrad, Honor Among Thieves, A Favor for Radovid.

Your next destination is the casino *****son runs, in the Gildorf District. Speak to the guards at the entrace. You may enter violently, bribe them for 200 crowns or use Axii to force them to let you in. Once inside you can use careful conversation choices and win a round of Gwent to be invited to the VIP room. Don't tell anyone you speak to that you are here to see the owner, mention him or be impolite. You may also opt to use violence which will create a longer battle. 

Once you defeat the 3 players you will be invited to the VIP room, which is really an interrogation room. Fight your way out of the casino and search it for info about *****son. Head to the top-floor interrogation room and find the halfling named Rico. Let him go and he will tell you to visit him for a reward to trigger the secondary quest Honor Among Thieves. Head back to the Bathhouse and visit Dijkstra in his office. Speak to him about a manner of different things. You realize you have a contact to the Redanians in Vernon Roche. 

Your next destination is the arena in the sewers. Head to the northeast section of the city. Speak to the guards at the gates to bribe them, Axii them or use violence. You may also loot the corpse of a victim in the Bits District for an invitation.

Once in the arena you can either speak to Igor in charge of the arena and face a series of foes in combat or you may get right to the violence. Whatever you choose, combat is inevitable. Defeat all the thugs and search the area, including Igor's corpse for his key, unlock a chest on the side table by his chair and follow the route to the hidden lock bock. Light the torch at the secret wall and step through the opening and gather the crowns and mysterious letter. 

Read the letter and return to Dijkstra to speak about things, especially the knowledge that Junior is working with the Redanians. 

Once you're ready to seek out Vernon Roche hop on Roach and head to Oxenfurt. Speak to the guard at the Temerian Partison Hideout. Once you're let in, speak to Roches about his activities. Tell him about *****son and he will agree to take you with to meet his Redanian contact.

Head across the eastern bridge with Roche. You will come to King Radovid, speak with him about several topics and then about *****son. He will direct you to an Oxenfurt mansion in exchange for a future favor. Make your way there and speak to the guards about the new *****s. 

Make your way to the mansion. If you killed the guards the casino or arena the guards here will be violent. If you did not, you can speak to them about fresh *****s. If you fight them, loot them for the key to the grounds. Take out the guards inside and enter the mansion near the fountain or at the back. Take out all the enemies inside.

Find a set of stairs in the northwest room of the mansion. Use your Witcher sense to examine the gruesome scene. Find him and subdue him, and he will tell you about Ciri and Dandelion. They brought him a phylactery to repair in exchange for stealing Reuven's treasure. Ask him about what happened to them. At the end you may opt to kill him which impacts the events of the main quest Payback, or let him live.


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  1. A Dangerous Game
  2. A Deadly Plot
  3. A Dog's Life
  4. A Favor for a Friend
  5. A Favor for Radovid
  6. A Final Kindness
  7. A Frying Pan, Spick and Span
  8. A Greedy God
  9. A Hallowed Horn
  10. A Matter of Life and Death
  11. A Plea Ignored
  12. A Poet Under Pressure
  13. A Princess in Distress
  14. A Towerful of Mice
  15. A Walk on the Waterfront
  16. An Eye for an Eye
  17. An Invitation From Keira Metz
  18. An Unfortunate Turn of Events
  19. Armed Assault
  20. Bald Mountain (Quest)
  21. Battle Preparations
  22. Battlefield Loot
  23. Berengar’s Blade
  24. Beyond Hill and Dale
  25. Bitter Harvest
  26. Black Pearl
  27. Blindingly Obvious
  28. Blood Gold
  29. Blood on the Battlefield
  30. Bloody Baron
  31. Broken Flowers
  32. Brother Missing
  33. Brothers in Arms
  34. Brothers in Arms Nilfgaard
  35. Brothers in Arms Novigrad
  36. Brothers in Arms Skellige
  37. Brothers in Arms Velen
  38. Cabaret
  39. Carnal Sins
  40. Child of the Elder Blood
  41. Ciri's Room
  42. Ciri's Story Breakneck Speed
  43. Ciri's Story Fleeing the Bog
  44. Ciri's Story Out of the Shadows
  45. Ciri's Story The King of the Wolves
  46. Ciri's Story The Race
  47. Ciri's Story Visiting Junior
  48. Ciri’s Room
  49. Collect 'Em All
  50. Coronation
  51. Costly Mistake
  52. Count Reuven's Treasure
  53. Deadly Crossing (I)
  54. Defender of the Faith
  55. Destination Skellige
  56. Dirty Funds
  57. Disturbance
  58. Don’t Play With Gods
  59. Dowry
  60. Echoes of the Past
  61. Face Me if You Dare
  62. Faithful Friend
  63. Fake Papers
  64. Family Fortune
  65. Family Matters
  66. Fencing Lessons
  67. Final Preparations
  68. Fists of Fury Velen
  69. Following the Thread
  70. For the Advancement of Learning
  71. Forefathers' Eve
  72. Forefathers’ Eve
  73. Freya Be Praised!
  74. Get Junior
  75. Ghosts of the Past
  76. Greenhouse Effect
  77. Gwent Big City Players
  78. Gwent Collect ‘em All!
  79. Gwent Playing Innkeeps
  80. Gwent Playing Thaler
  81. Gwent Velen Players
  82. Hard Times
  83. Hazardous Goods
  84. Hidden from the World
  85. Hidden in the Depths
  86. Highway Robbery
  87. Honor Among Thieves
  88. Imperial Audience
  89. In Ciri's Footsteps
  90. In the Heart of the Woods
  91. In Wolf's Clothing
  92. Inheritance
  93. Ironsides’ Treasure
  94. It Takes Three to Tango
  95. Kaer Morhen (Quest)
  96. King's Gambit
  97. Last Rites
  98. Little Red
  99. Looters
  100. Lost Goods
  101. Love's Cruel Snares
  102. Lynch Mob
  103. Magic Lamp
  104. Master Armorers
  105. Message from an Old Friend
  106. Missing in Action
  107. Missing Persons
  108. Monster Slayer
  109. Nameless
  110. Nilfgaardian Treasure
  111. No Place Like Home
  112. Not Only Eagles Dare
  113. Novigrad Dreaming
  114. Novigrad Hospitality
  115. Novigrad, Closed City
  116. Now or Never
  117. Of Dairy and Darkness
  118. Of Swords and Dumplings
  119. On Death's Bed
  120. On Thin Ice
  121. Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire
  122. Payback
  123. Pearls of the Coast
  124. Possession
  125. Practicum in Advanced Alchemy
  126. Precious Cargo
  127. Precious Haul
  128. Pyres of Novigrad
  129. Race The Great Erasmus Vegelbud Memorial Derby
  130. Races Crow's Perch
  131. Reason of State
  132. Redania's Most Wanted
  133. Redanias Most Wanted
  134. Return to Crookback Bog
  135. Ruins, Hidden Treasure, You Know...
  136. Shortcut
  137. Skjalls Grave
  138. Sunken Chest
  139. Sunken Treasure
  140. Tedd Deireadh, The Final Age
  141. Temerian Valuables
  142. The Battle of Kaer Morhen
  143. The Beast of the White Orchard
  144. The Calm Before the Storm
  145. The Dead Have No Defense
  146. The Fall of the House of Reardon
  147. The Family Blade
  148. The Final Trial
  149. The Gangs of Novigrad
  150. The Great Escape
  151. The Heroe's Pursuit Fyresdal
  152. The Heroes' Pursuit Kaer Trolde
  153. The Incident at White Orchard
  154. The Isle of Mists
  155. The King is Dead - Long Live the King
  156. The Ladies of the Wood
  157. The Last Wish
  158. The Lord of Undvik
  159. The Mysterious Passenger
  160. The Nilfgaardian Connection
  161. The Nithing
  162. The Plays the Thing
  163. The Sad Tale of the Grossbart Brothers
  164. The Sunstone
  165. The Things Men Do For Coin...
  166. The Things Men Do For Coin…
  167. The Truth is in the Stars
  168. The Volunteer
  169. The Whispering Hillock
  170. The Witchers’ Forge
  171. Thou Shalt Not Pass
  172. Through Time And Space
  173. To Bait a Forktail...
  174. Tough Luck
  175. Trail of Echoes
  176. Twisted Firestarter
  177. Ugly Baby
  178. Unlucky’s Treasure
  179. Va Fail, Elaine
  180. Veni Vidi Vigo
  181. Wandering in the Dark
  182. Warehouse of Woe
  183. Where The Cat and Wolf Play
  184. Wild at Heart

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