Treasure Hunts are a special kind of quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They initiate with inanimate objects that inform the player of specific regions or places to investigate. Below is a list of all the available Treasure Hunts.

Quest Obtained by Details

White Orchard

Deserter Gold Spy's notes: On a small camp east of the Mill Loot the Temerian Deserter Treasure Chest near the Mill. (quest only appears if you haven't opened the chest yet)
Dirty Funds Scrawled notes: In a destroyed bandit camp now overrun by wolves, north-east of the Mill Defeat the bandit leader and loot the chest in the bandit camp. (quest only appears if you haven't opened the chest yet)
Temerian Valuables Blood-soaked millitary orders: West of the mill, on a corpse. Use the key that you find to open a chest in the river's bed, it reveals a note that sends you to a house where a chest is hidden.


Don't Play With Gods Unsent letter: North of Byways, within Elven Ruins - The Mire Take a key and notes from the corpse, then loot the chest surrounded by Ninghtwrights.
The Dead Have No Defense Marauder's notes: South from Duen Hen in a bandit camp near the water. - The Mire  
Sunken Chest Blood-smeared notes: South from Fyke Isle, in a smaller island - The Mire  
Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire Crumpled notes: Go North from Toderas, and find a cellar inside a burned house. - The Descent  
Hidden from the World Letter: From Marauders' Bridege, go east and find a bandit encampment. - The Descent  
Sunken Treasure Water-damaged letter: On a corpse near Hangman's Alley. - Spitfire Bluff  
Costly Mistake Smugglers notes: On a wrecked boat West from Hangman's Alley - Spitfire Bluff  
A Plea Ignored Crumpled letter: On a soldier's body by a burnt house south from Condyle. - Spitfire Bluff  
An Unfortunate Turn of Events Unsent letter: On a corpse by the water near a ferry station south from Devil's Pit. - Grayrocks  
The Things Men Do For Coin… Letter: In an island found east of Border Post. - Grayrocks  
Blood Gold Bloodstained Document: In an abandoned prospecting camp, north and easy from White Eagle Fort. - Grayrocks  
Dowry Unsent letter: In the riverbank north from White Eagle Fort - Grayrocks  
Tough Luck Letter: On a cart south and east from Devil's Pit. - Grayrocks  
Lost Goods Nilfgaardian's notes: on a corpse north from the Ferry Station. - Grayrocks  

The Skellige Islands

Precious Haul Traveler's notes: On a wrecked ship on the northern beach of Tor Gvalch'ca. - Undvik  
Shortcut Torn piece of paper: In a boat by a lake, surrounded by bandits near Urskal. - Undvik  
Hidden in the Depths Crumpled, stained letter: By a cave south and west from Harviken, near the beach. - Faroe  
Ironsides' Treasure Notes about treasure: North from Harviken, in a small landmass. - Faroe  
Not Only Eagles Dare Note: On a small landmass with a ship wreck, near Svorlag. - Spikeroog  
Unlucky's Treasure A frustrated warrior's notes: From Bay of Winds, find the Griffing nest and the cliff in Snidhall Isle. - Snidhall Isle  
Inheritance Old, yellowed letter: North from Boxholm, on a corpse. - Ard Skellig  
Freya Be Praised! Itinerant merchant's notes: In a cart by Arinbjorn. - Ard Skellig  
Family Fortune Letter: South from Fyresdal, in the Ruined Inn. - Ard Skellig  
Pearls of the Coast Unsent letter: In a pirate camp on an island by Eldberg Lighthouse. - Ard Skellig  
Nilfgaardian Treasure Cargo list: South and east from Urialla Harbor, by the shore. - An Skellig  


Coast of Wrecks Letter: In a shipwreck south from Window's Grotto - Grassy Knoll  
Battlefield Loot Crumpled notes: South from Eternal Fire Chapel. - Grassy Knoll  

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