Treasure Hunts are Quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They are special quests that can be activated by interacting with specific inanimate objects. These are objects that inform the player of specific regions or places to investigate and will further provide information and details before the next objective is revealed. These objectives are optional and players can choose to abandon the quest objectives at any time. Completing these quests do not reward players with additional XP unlike regular Secondary Quests,  but like regular quests, these quests will also provide a recommended level. The recommended level is calculated based on the difficulty and strength of the anticipated combat encounters while progressing through each quests. Below is a list of all the available Treasure Hunts.

How to start a Treasure Hunt Witcher 3

Treasure Hunts begin uniquely by interacting with objects that can be encountered in different Locations while exploring the game in Witcher 3. These quests can be activated by looting certain key objects or Items found in chests or on a body. The key objects will usually come in the form of special Notes or Letters. The treasure hunt objects can especially be pinpointed while using Geralt's Witcher Senses in key areas. Players will be notified when in the vicinity of one of these areas giving them a New Marker for Hidden Treasure. Interacting with the right object will also immediately activate the New Quest. The Quest title will then be displayed along with the option to track the Treasure Hunt quest. This will also then give you the next objective. This usually includes observing the newly obtained object or notes from the inventory.

Witcher 3 Quests and Contracts

Other than the main quests that progress the main story in Witcher 3, there are other activities, and optional objectives players can choose to engage in. 

  • Secondary Quests: Optional Objectives and Storylines activated by different interactions in the game
  • Scavenger Hunt: Special assignment to find matching sets of gear
  • Treasure Hunts: Quests activated by interacting with specific objects that provide information on the objective for the hunt
  • Contracts: Objectives or bounties acquired form Notice Boards or NPCs
  • Gwent: Tasks players to obtain a unique Gwent Card



All Treasure Hunt Quests Witcher 3  

Quick Search of All Treasure Hunt Quests

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Quest Region Level Obtained by
Deserter Gold White Orchard 3 Spy’s notes: On a small camp east of the Mill
Dirty Funds White Orchard 2 Scrawled notes: In a destroyed bandit camp now overrun by wolves, north-east of the Mill
Temerian Valuables White Orchard 4 Blood-soaked millitary orders: West of the mill, on a corpse.
Don't Play with the Gods Velen 15 Unsent letter: North of Byways, within Elven Ruins at The Mire
The Dead Have No Defense Velen 9 Marauder’s notes: South from Duen Hen in a bandit camp near the water at The Mire
Sunken Chest Velen 4 Blood-smeared notes: South from Fyke Isle, in a smaller island at The Mire
Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire Velen - Crumpled notes: Go North from Toderas, and find a cellar inside a burned house at The Descent
Hidden from the World Velen 7 Letter: From Marauders' Bridge, go east and find a bandit encampment at The Descent
Sunken Treasure Velen 4 Water-damaged letter: On a corpse near Hangman's Alley at Spitfire Bluff
A Costly Mistake Velen 18 Smugglers notes: On a wrecked boat West from Hangman's Alley at Spitfire Bluff
A Plea Ignored Velen 28 Crumpled letter: On a soldier's body by a burnt house south from Condyle at Spitfire Bluff
An Unfortunate Turn of Events Velen 4 Unsent letter: On a corpse by the water near a ferry station south from Devil's Pit at Grayrocks
The Things Men Do For Coin… Velen 12 Letter: In an island found east of Border Post at Grayrocks
Blood Gold Velen 18 Bloodstained Document: In an abandoned prospecting camp, north from White Eagle Fort at Grayrocks
Dowry Velen 32 Unsent letter: In the riverbank north from White Eagle Fort at Grayrocks
Tough Luck Velen 18 Letter: On a cart south and east from Devil's Pit at Grayrocks
Lost Goods Velen - Nilfgaardian’s notes: on a corpse north from the Ferry Station at Grayrocks
Queen Zuleyka's Treasure Velen 4 Pirate's notes: On a sleeping mat at a camp set up for one at the Coast of Wrecks
Battlefield Loot Velen 20 Crumpled notes: South from Eternal Fire Chapel at Grassy Knoll
Precious Haul Skellige 13 Traveler’s notes: On a wrecked ship on the northern beach of Tor Gvalch'ca at Undvik
Shortcut Skellige 13 Torn piece of paper: In a boat by a lake, surrounded by bandits near Urskal at Undvik
Hidden in the Depths Skellige 31 Crumpled, stained letter: By a cave south and west from Harviken, near the beach at Faroe
Ironsides’ Treasure Skellige 13 Notes about treasure: North from Harviken, in a small landmass at Faroe
Not Only Eagles Dare Skellige 10 Note: On a small landmass with a shipwreck, near Svorlag at Spikeroog
Unlucky’s Treasure Skellige 48 A frustrated warrior’s notes: From Bay of Winds, find the Archgriffin's nest and the cliff in Snidhall Isle
Inheritance Skellige 14 Old, yellowed letter: North from Boxholm, on a corpse at Ard Skellig
Freya Be Praised! Skellige 4 Itinerant merchant’s notes: In a cart by Arinbjorn at Ard Skellig
Family Fortune Skellige 13 Letter: South from Fyresdal, in the Ruined Inn at Ard Skellig
Pearls of the Coast Skellige 13 Unsent letter: In a pirate camp on an island by Eldberg Lighthouse at Ard Skellig
Nilfgaardian Treasure Skellige 13 Cargo list: South and east from Urialla Harbor, by the shore at An Skellig
Ruins, Hidden Treasure, You Know... Skellige 18 Mysterious map: On a skeleton at the village in Dorve Ruins.
X Marks the Spot Skellige 12 Mysterious map: In an abandoned hut Southeast of Blandare
Coast of Wrecks Novigrad 13 Letter: In a shipwreck south from Window's Grotto at Grassy Knoll
Applied Escapology (DLC) Toussaint 40 Ecape artist's journal: On a corpse on the northwest part of the Toussaint Prison island
Around the World in... Eight Days (DLC) Toussaint 40 Unfinished report: In a chest east of Coronata Vineyard
But Other Than That, How Did You Enjoy the Play? (DLC) Toussaint 43 Perfume-laced journal: On a corpse in Seidhe Llygad Amphitheater
Coin Doesn't Stink (DLC) Toussaint 37 Letter to Cosmo Cyrille: On a corpse at the edge of the bridge Northwest of Dun Tynne Crossroads
Don't Take Candy from a Stranger (DLC) Toussaint 37 Augustin Tonnelliay's journal: On a body southwest of Prophet Lebioda Statue
Filibert Always Pays His Debts (DLC) Toussaint 48 Notes by a vandaguilder from Filibert's hanse: On a corpse at Casteldaccia Abandoned Estate
Spoontaneous Profits! (DLC) Toussaint 42 Spoon-key note: On a side table, in the Trastamara Estate Ruins
The Black Widow (DLC) Toussaint 37 Letter to Pascal Pélissier: On a corpse west of Flovive
The Curse of Carnarvon (DLC) Toussaint 46 Alistair Carnarvon's journal: On a corpse northwest of Castel Ravello Vineyard
The Inconstant Gardener (DLC) Toussaint 37 Orders from Graybill Pellegrin: In a sack southwest of Tesham Mutna Ruins signpost
The Last Exploits of Selina's Gang (DLC) Toussaint 37 Sodden Letter: On a body in the shallow waters near the Temple Cemetery
The Suffering of Young Francois (DLC) Toussaint 47 Journal of a desperate man: By a hut on a hanging body just south of the Fort Astre Ruins signpost
The Toussaint Prison Experiment (DLC) Toussaint 47 Clerk's diary: On a corpse within Bastoy Prison Ruins
What Was This About Again? (DLC) Toussaint 43 Ship captain's log: On a skeleton in the ship North Plegmund's Bridge 
A Dark Legacy (DLC) Gustfields -- Count Romilly's will: after obtaining and dismantling Count Romilly's Figurine from the Open Sesame! Main quest.
A Surprise Inheritance (DLC) Novigrad 38 Knut Kreutzman's journal: on a body leaning on a stump
From Ofier's Distant Shores (DLC) Novigrad 33 Letter with orders: on a crate in the Bandit Camp
The Cursed Chapel (DLC) Gustfields 36 Pastoral diary of Father Glaedfried: on a body next to the Old Chapel in Brunwich
Drakenborg Redemption (DLC) Brunwich 38 Yellowed letter: a corpse in the caves of Bloodrot Pit
The Royal Air Force (DLC) Novigrad 36 Nicolas Cogel's laboratory notebook: found on a body slumped on a stone wall
The Secret Life of Count Romilly (DLC) Novigrad 38 Count Romilly's journal (part 2): found on a body in the shrubs
The Sword, Famine and Perfidy (DLC) Novigrad 36 Dirtied letter: on a body in a hut
Tinker, Hunter, Soldier, Spy (DLC) Novigrad 33 Bloody letter: on a body atop the watchtower

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