Ghosts of the Past

(Image of Quest Giver)
Location Reardon Manor
Suggested Level 6
Next Quest N/A
Previous Quest The Fall of the House of Reardon (Can be missed)

Ghosts of the Past is a Secondary Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

"What does one expect to find inside an abandoned country manor? Dusty crockery. Moth-eaten doilies. A moldy trophy buck, perhaps, if its inhabitants trod on the wild side. Certainly not the most wanted man north or south of the Yaruga. Yet that, dear reader, is exactly who Geralt found when he entered such a manor in Lindenvale. The assassin of kings himself, Geralt's old acquaintance, his sometime friend and sometime enemy: Letho. He was hiding there from bounty hunters out for his scalp. Geralt, now fully able to remember how Letho and two of his colleagues once saved Yennefer's life, could not refuse him help."

Ghosts of the Past Objectives

  1. FInd a ladder using your Witcher Senses.
  2. Search the farmstead.
  3. Search the barn.
  4. FInd where the noise is coming from using your Witcher Senses.
  5. Enter the barn.
  6. Kill the bounty hunters.
  7. Ride with Letho and find Louis.
  8. Kill the bandits.
  9. Ride with Letho to Lindenvale.
  10. Accompany Letho around Lindenvale.
  11. Deal with Vester and his men.



  • 125 xp
  • 0 gold
  • 0 items



Geralt will find Letho and He will explain the events that happened, after that transpired at Loc Muinne, he has been on the run and in hiding ever since. He asks Geralt to go meet his friend Louis right after taking care of the Mercenaries, you will see Letho butchering 6 man and at the end he will fall by a crossbow bolt. Here you have 2 choices:

  1. If you decide to diffuse the situation the men will want to claim the bounty placed on Letho, instead Geralt will convice them to take the Medalion.
  2. If you decide to intervene a fight will occur and the attackers will be killed

Afterwards Geralt will investigate the corpse of Letho, to discover that a possion was applied to make him look dead. Geralt will decide to invite Letho to stay in Kaer Morhen after. 


Notes & Trivia

  • Takes place in the same quest area as the quest The Fall of the House of Reardon.
  • This quest would only be available if player chose to allow to Letho to leave alive during the final confrontation in Loc Muine. This choice can be made either by using a witcher 2 save or choosing to let letho live when being interrogated by the nilfguardians about the events of the past.


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