A Towerful of Mice

Type Secondary Quest
Location Fyke Isle, Velen
Suggested Level 6
Prerequisite An Invitation from Keira Metz
Next Quest A Favor for a Friend

A Towerful of Mice is a Secondary Quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Secondary Quests are optional Quests not required to finish the game. Some of these quests may have a bearing on certain Main Quests or may be a consequence of another Quest.

A Towerful of Mice can be obtained after completing An Invitation from Keira Metz. Keira asks Geralt to help her lift the curse of Fyke Island


A horrible curse had befallen Fyke Isle and the tower that stood upon it. Half a year prior, Lord Vserad had moved his court there, seeking shelter from approaching Nilfgaardian armies. While famine raged all around, the lord of Velen wallowed in excess and cared not a whit for his suffering vassals. The gods saw fit to punish him and one, towards his end, cursed him. One day, a host of mice scurried into the tower and proceeded to devour everything, including Vserad, his court and his resident mage, Alexander.


The Witcher 3 A Towerful of Mice Objectives

  • Use Keira's boat to reach Fyke Isle.
  • (Optional) Use the Magic Lamp to find ghosts.
  • Find a way to get to Fyke Isle.
  • Head toward the tower.
  • Explore the tower.
  • Find the mage Alexander's laboratory.
  • Use Keira's lamp to investigate Alexander's laboratory.
  • Use the magic lamp to contact Annabelle.
  • Take Annabelle to Graham Or Bring Graham To Annabelle In The Tower.
  • Investigate what happened.
  • Tell Keira you've lifted the curse on Fyke Isle.


Rewards for A Towerful of Mice in The Witcher 3

If Geralt accepts Anabelle's request:

  • 300 Exp

If Geralt declines Anabelle's request:

  • 500 Exp


Walkthrough for The Witcher 3 A Towerful of Mice

After finishing the previous quest named An Invitation from Keira Metz, you can follow the next objective by boarding the moored boat that Keira offered for you to use to take to the isle. From the boat, you can see the island is infested with monsters, you can circle the island to look for a place to land or find an area as close to the tower as you can.

You will encounter Rotfiends, Drowners, and Ghouls in the area before you reach the tower, make sure to eliminate them. As you journey through the island, you will also find the bodies of several locals but you will find no evidence that the monsters were responsible for these deaths. Be wary of small black clouds in the area as these are swarms of black flies, use Igni to dispel them.

You will find three places of haunting located just outside the tower and four inside. You can use the Magic Lamp on them to see a brief reenaction of their last moments. Each interaction will give you 50 XP when watched, and the last one will give you 100 XP.

Once you enter the tower, use the Magic Lamp to learn more about the events that transpired during the massacre on the island. Keira will then tell you to find the mage's lab, it is located at the top of the tower. The entrance is hidden so you must use the two levers at the false top of the tower to reveal the passageway. Once you find the lab, use the mage's lamp to meet the ghost of Anabelle, the former lord's daughter.

She will then explain what happened, and how the mage had been experimenting with rats then one day, peasants came to the island and broke into the tower to kill everyone inside. Anabelle was terrified so she drank a potion that the mage gave her, thinking it would kill her, but it left her paralyzed instead. With the peasants thinking she was already dead, they left the island. But Anabelle was still paralyzed when she awoke, with the peasants gone, she was eaten by the rats alive.

You then explain to her that the curse on the island is centered around her and in order to break the curse, she would need to forgive her love named Graham. She was willing to forgive him but you would need to bring her bones to Graham for him to bury. You can either refuse or accept Anabelle's request.

If you do not accept Anabelle's request, she will just ask you to bring Graham to her. But seeing as you refused her first request, she will then reveal herself as a plague maiden and attack you. She cannot die until the curse is broken so Keira advises you to see Graham. You can find Graham just north in Oreton. Once you reach Graham, inform him about the curse and about Anabelle.

Once you head back you will be attacked by Wraiths of the curse's victims who blame Graham for their misery. Once you reach the top of the tower, Graham explains that he didn't mean to leave Anabelle and that he still loves her, Anabelle then asks to prove it by kissing her. Graham kisses Anabelle, as she returns to her human form, and Graham dies along with her, lifting the curse. This option will reward you with 500 XP.

If you decide to accept Anabelle's request, collect her bones and take them to Graham. Graham will then reveal that it was his fault for allowing the peasants to enter the island and that he didn't know that Anabelle was still alive after drinking the poison. You will then give Graham her bones for him to bury. After leaving the scene, you will hear a scream from Graham's cabin and rush back to find Graham dead. His body is surrounded by rats with Anabelle's ghost floating above him with an appearance of a plague maiden. The curse is now broken now that her bones are away from the island but is now free to roam the world to spread the plague. This choice will reward you with 300 XP.

After the curse is lifted, go back to Keira and explain the situation. Before you leave, Keira will ask you for one more favor and this conversation is a cutoff point for the Lynch Mob secondary quest.


The Witcher 3 A Towerful of Mice Notes & Trivia

  • Notes, Tips, and Other Trivia for A Towerful of Mice.



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