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Through Time And Space is a Main Quest in The Witcher 3 Wild HuntMain Quests are the main storyline of the game that can have a major effect towards the endings. Some of these quests may have dialogue choices that will alter the ending of the game.


News that Ciri and Geralt had defeated and killed Imlerith reached Avallac'h at once. I don't know how this happened, exactly, save perhaps that quickly learning of such things is the very essence of being a "Sage."

At any rate, a wild notion possessed him. What if they could now sway Ge'els, one of Eredin's most powerful allies? What if they could bring him over to their side? A key general and advisor, Ge'els was the individual Eredin relied on for reinforcements. For his plan to work, he would need a dreamer, so Triss pointed him towards Corinne Tilly in Novigrad. Thus, by the time Geralt and Ciri rode into town, everything had been arranged. Now all they needed was Ge'els...


The Witcher 3 Through Time And Space Objectives

  1. Join Avallac'h.
  2. Follow Avallac'h.
  3. Find the next passage.
  4. Wait until the passage opens.
  5. Kill the monsters.
  6. Travel to the next world.
  7. Find the next passage.
  8. Find the next passage.
  9. Get to the lighthouse.
  10. Travel to the next world.
  11. Follow Avallac'h.
  12. Talk to Ge'els.

The Witcher 3 Rewards for Through Time And Space

  • 1000 xp

The Witcher 3 Walkthrough for Through Time And Space

Find Avallac'h upstairs in the Rosemary and Thyme. Answer him how you wish and speak about Caranthir and Ge'els. Decide if you want to kill Ge'els or make a deal with him, and Avallac'h tells you he has tracked him to Aen Elle. You can take this time to prepare, or auto head there now.

Follow Avallac'h to the house and take the ladder to the cellar. Use Aard on the crack in the wall to access the portal. At this point there is no coming back so don't step through until ready.

Once you step through you will be taken to a dry landscape known as the Ddiddiwedht Desert. Make your way to the next portal when sandcrabs will emerge. They will continue to spawn so play defensive until the portal opens.

You arrive in an unfamliar world and alone. Follow the ledge to the left and towards the next portal, heading south. You can't go straight so continue to the left and then and then drop down to a poison cloud zone. Run southeast and climb to a ledge. Run south and look for a slope down and to the right where there is an area of red plants and stones sticking up. Run through the right of this and climb to a mossy ledge. Turn southwest and through the reeds and climb the next mossy ledge. Head upslope through more reeds and poison and climb up 3 more ledges and turn to see the portal. Dash for it and enter.

You now are inside an icy cavern. Run out and use Igni to melt the wall. The blizzard outside will damage you so sprint roughly north and to a rocky area with X carved into it. Head north to the next rock outcrop and take shelter. Head around the corner to the left to a stone wall. Run east to the stone steps and to another ruined wall. Dash around the corner to the east, and slide down a small slope. Face north and slide to a half buried village. Sprint down and find the open doorway to the left at the bottom of the slope. Drop down and defeat the hounds.

Head north and west to the open door to take refuge. Sprint out heading north and into the open window of the building ahead and to the left. Head in and go down the steps to a kitchen where you will find some notes about the curse.

Head north again to the open doorway of the building ahead and through the porch opening. Sprint past some dead trees to a half buried wall and steps to a tower. You can find a diary on a skeleton here, and head out to the other side. Step through the gap in the wall and slide to the lighthouse. Ignite the 3 urns and you'll be attacked by 3 hounds. Stay close to the urns while fighting them. Head northeast to the lower entrance beneath the lighthouse.

Avallac'h will be here for a conversation. You can ask a bunch of questions at this time. When done, follow him into the portal.

You come Tir Na Lia, the Palace of Awakening where Ge'els is. Make your way to where he is, and either accept or refuse his drink offer. Answer how you wish about Avallac'h, and you will request he leave. You'll make your way to Aen Seidhe. 

Ciri will be at Rosemary and Thyme with Corrine. After the conversation, answer how you wish. After the vision Ge'els directs you to Skellige to find the Sunstone. You can talk to Avallac'h about his departure, and learn he has a plan to grab the Sunstone. This quest now concludes.

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The Witcher 3 Notes & Trivia for Through Time And Space

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