The Beast of White Orchard

Type Main Quest
Location 3
Suggested Level None
Prerequisite Lilac and Gooseberries
Next Quest The Incident at White Orchard

The Beast of White Orchard is a Main Quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Main Quests are the main storyline of the game that can have a major effect towards the endings. Some of these quests may have dialogue choices that will alter the ending of the game.

To find out where Yennefer is, Geralt and Vesemir must perform a contract to get rid of a griffin from the White Orchard village.


The commander of the Nilfgaardian garrison in White Orchard knew where Yennefer had gone. Shrewdly, he was unwilling to share this information for free. A man with substantial experience, he knew full well Geralt would do anything to find the sorceress. As luck would have it, there was a griffin about, a beast the commander's soldiers had been unable to hunt down. The commander asked for the monster's head in exchange for his help.

The witcher investigated and learned that the griffin he had encountered along the high road outside of White Orchard had good reason to prey on the local populace. The soldiers the Nilfgaardian commander had sent out to scout had, in fact, killed the griffin's brooding mate. Griffins are known to mate for life, so Geralt felt sorry for the beast.


The Witcher 3 The Beast of White Orchard Objectives

  1. Speak to the Herbalist, Tomira
  2. Speak to the Hunter, Mislav
  3. Investigate the deaths of the Nilfgaardian Soldiers
  4. Bait and set a trap for the Royal Griffin
  5. Return to the Nilfgaardian Garrison to collect your reward


Rewards for The Beast of White Orchard in The Witcher 3

If you accept the Coin

  • 250 Crowns
  • 240 EXP
  • Griffin Trophy

If you refuse the Coin

  • 400 EXP
  • Griffin Trophy


Walkthrough for The Witcher 3 The Beast of White Orchard

After you have agreed to kill the Griffin in return for information on Yennefer's whereabouts, talk to the commander again and you'll get information on two NPCs who you need help from. You'll be directed to a Tomira the herbalist and Mislav the hunter. Tomira is closer to the Garrison, so head to her first.

When you reach her house, enter and talk to her. You'll be interested in finding a particular herb, Buckthorn, which has a pungent smell that will attract the Griffin. She will tell you where to find it, which involves taking a swim in the river not far from her house. When you head to the river chances are you'll encounter some Drowners. Before you go swimming, use your Witcher vision to locate the herb, swim down and pick it.

Then you'll need to go and see Mislav. Follow the waypoint to reach his hut, but you'll find it's locked and he's nowhere to be found. Use your Witcher vision again and follow the trail of footprints till you find him stalking prey in the woods. Before he'll show you where he found the bodies of the Nilfgaardian soldiers you'll have to help him dispatch a pack of wild dogs. With the dogs dealt with, he'll lead you to the area where the Griffin killed the soldiers. Use your Witcher vision again to survey the bloody scene and pick up some clues. Eventually you'll happen on more foot prints which you need to trace back to their source. Some light climbing brings you to the Griffin's nest and the corpse of a slain Griffin. Go through the dialogue options and Geralt will give you vital information about the Griffin:

  1. Griffins mate for life and corpse infront of you is female, meaning your target is male
  2. The Griffin was killed in her sleep
  3. You're dealing with a Royal Griffin
  4. The Griffin is not very old

With this information in hand, head back to the Inn and talk to Vesemir who will advise that he has found the perfect spot to fight the Griffin just outside of White Orchard. Before you head off, the game should prompt you to make a potion, Thunderbolt, which increases damage output for a short period of time. Head to the field where the trap will be set and watch the cutscene. Vesemir will give you a crossbow which will prove useful in the upcoming fight.

When the fight with the Griffin starts, it will be on the ground and will attack either Geralt or Vesemir with speed. Attack it quickly and avoid getting greedy with hits. If it turns its attention to you, backstep away and be ready to dodge its wing sweeps, charges or bites. Eventually it'll take to the air. When it swoops down roll away at the last second to avoid taking damage and use your crossbow as it descends to knock it out of the air. The Griffin is particularly susceptible to Igni, which will hit it for critical damage but then cause further damage as its wings burn. Rinse and repeat until a cutscene kicks in and the Griffin flies away (~1/3 of it's HP remaining).

Chase the Griffin to the mill where it has moved to. The only thing that has changed now is the location, he does not have any new attacks. Finish him off quickly and watch the cutscene. When that has finished, loot the corpse then get on your horse and return to the Nilfgaardian Garrison where the commander will give you the information about Yennefer and offer you some coin for your troubles.

At this point, the Lilac and Gooseberries quest returns allowing you to finish it.


The Witcher 3 The Beast of White Orchard Notes & Trivia

  • Notes, Tips, Other Trivia for The Beast of White Orchard.



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    • Anonymous

      Found that buckthorn still exists and is gather-able even without talking to her so if you stumble upon it, you actually fail 'go talk to the alchemist' and finish that part of the quest.

      • Anonymous

        I wanted to focus on leveling/exploring before I tackled this quest; I'm glad I waited. The water is free to roam monster-free for as long as you DO NOT complete (this) quest. I was able to collect the Spoils of War chest near the Nilfgaardian Garrison. Swimming in the water, I also found two other chests (beneath The Mill signpost & above Woesong Signpost) [ ]. Also, you will find approx. 6 Wolfsbane-use your witcher sense to find them easier. Once you complete this quest, Drowner's will lurk in the waters waiting to attack you since you'll have the crossbow which is the only way to kill them when they are IN the water. Sooooo collect all the loot in the water before you complete this quest.

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