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Master Armorers is a Secondary Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Master Armorers Objectives

  1. Ask if Fergus is a master armorer.
  2. Get blacksmith's tools from Undvik.
  3. Bring the tools to Fergus.
  4. Obtain Archgriffin Acid
  5. Help test the armor.



Locations: Crows' Perch, Clan Tordarroch Forge in Undvik, Wolven Glade
Characters: Fergus, Yoana, General Harmon Aep Groenekan, Baron's Quartermaster
Enemies: Rock Troll, Bandits, Archgriffin

Visit Crow's Perch and find Fergus and his forge. Initiating conversation will trigger a dialogue on whether a lightweight but strong armor can be crafted, where he tells you it is not possible. His assistant however will volunteer that the people in Undvik hide away tools that could be used for this craft. The cave belongs to Clan Tordarroch in the North of Undvik.

Since the way to Undvik contains high level monsters, it is advisable that you complete some of the main quest and ideal that you wait to obtain The Lord of Undvik as the destinations are the same. To get to your destination, you will have to sail across the ocean towards Marlin Coast. Once there, follow the coastline northwest past ship wreckage, and find a perilous cliff past with sets of bridges to cross heading south. Once you have passed a really large ship you will find Hjalmar's Camp, and past that Urskar.

Continue on and find a cave and subset of tunnels, it will require some swimming and investigating to get through but try and find ways going up, as your objective is the top of the mountain. You will emerge to a snowy and open clearing and then you must find yet another cave, where a Rock Troll guards your objective. Defeat it, then use your Witcher Senses and you can spot a chest that guards the High-Quality Smithing Tools from.

You can now return to Fergus and tell him you have obtained the right tools. During this conversation you are interrupted by Nilfgaardian General Groenekan, who takes Fergus inside to talk. Yoana, the assistant, will now reveal to you that she is the talent behind this operation and she asks that you help her prove it.

You can help her do this by bringing her Archgriffin Acid Gland. This initiates the Contract Components for an Armorer. Alternatively, you may giver her the material if you have it and end the objective.

Once you have the acid, talk to Yoana and give her the material to apply to the armor she has crafted. General Groenekan will now return and see both Yoana's and Fergus' armors, but defer judgement to further testing. You can agree to continue to assist Yoana, this time as a human test subject wearing the armor. After a cutscene, it is decided that she is the better craftsman, and the forge is handed over to her, with Fergus as her assistant.

The quest ends and you gain Witch Hunter's Armor for your troubles, and now have access to Yoana's forge: This is the best forge available so make sure to use it.

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