The Whispering Hillock

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Ancient Oak, Crossroads
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Ciri's Story Fleeing the Bog
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Ladies of the Wood

The Whispering Hillock is a Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


The Whispering Hillock Objectives

  1. Find the bones of the spirit trapped beneath the Whispering Hillock using your Witcher Senses.



 The Whispering Hillock quest is a sub quest of Ladies Of The Wood . The quest triggers when you reach the hillock and voice tells you to leave.

 Use your witcher sense and you'll get a red sound marker for your target. Kill a couple of packs of wolves who will attack you and you'll eventually reach a large tree. The voice that is whispering to you is coming from down below you. On the minimap you'll see a cave entrance marker appear. Head towards it. You'll also find a Place Of Power near the cave entrance. Be careful though, there is a werewolf patrolling this area who acts similarly to the one you fight in Wild at Heart . Attack him relentlessly as when you get him down to half health he will buff himself and start to regenerate health.

 Enter the cave and swim through the water to reach the creature causing the whispers. The heart of the tree will tell you of his plight, that he was once a wizard who kept the woods in balance with the Ladies Of The Woods, but in their lust for power they killed him and trapped his soul within the tree. He will also tell you that the children who happen to be in the area are in danger and he can rescue them if you free him from his bonds.

 You are given a choice here, you can either free the creature, or kill him.


Free The Creature

 If you choose to free him, he will tell you that a ritual needs to be performed and he will need the following things:

  • Raven's feathers
  • A bone from his grave
  • A black, wild horse

 Raven's feathers are common loot around the world so chances are you already have some by this point, but if you don't you'll be directed to where you can collect them.

 You are also directed to the creature's grave, which is guarded by a water hag and several drowners.

 Finally, you will be directed to a meadow where a couple of wild horses gallop around. Use Axii to calm a horse then ride back to the creature.

 Listen to the rest of his dialogue and then perform the ritual. The newly freed creature will save the children and you can complete the quest by finding the quest giver in the woods nearby.


Third Possibility that gives the best possible ending for the quest chain

If you seek out the spirit before being getting the quest for the crones, and frees it, it still saves the children, but the crones do not blame Anna as long as you don't mention it. The problem with this solution is of course that it requires you to reload a previous save if you had no foreknowledge.

Video Walkthrough

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