Blindingly Obvious

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Blindingly Obvious is a Main Quest in The Witcher 3 Wild HuntMain Quests are the main storyline of the game that can have a major effect towards the endings. Some of these quests may have dialogue choices that will alter the ending of the game.


Triss returned to Novigrad after leaving Kaer Morhen with one goal - to find Philippa Eilhart. Soon after she made a shocking discovery - Philippa had been right under our very noses the whole time! Turned into an owl by some malicious spell, she then wound up in the hands of Zoltan, who, ignorant of his new pet's true identity, strived to make of her a replacement for his former foul-mouthed parrot companion, Field Marshal Duda.

Triss was not the only one to uncover Philippa's whereabouts, however. Coming to that conclusion slightly before her was Dijkstra, who shared with Philippa with [sic] the strongest bond possible - love turned to seething hate. The one-time spy and current mafia boss had captured Philippa and imprisoned her in his bathhouse. Triss and Geralt knew they must hurry - it was clear Dijkstra had not gone through all this trouble to chat with Philippa about old times. Vengeance was more likely on his agenda, vengeance for breaking his heart and daring to plot against him.

It is frightening to think how this story might have ended had Triss and Geralt not arrived at the bathhouse in the nick of time. A dimeritium collar had kept Philippa trapped in owl form, but somehow she had managed to free herself from it, revert to her true self, overcome her guards and start tearing the bathhouse apart. Dodging her furious blasts, Geralt was finally able to corner her and convince her he and Triss did not want to harm her - in fact, they needed her help. Though Dijkstra was vehemently opposed to letting the sorceress go, he ultimately realized resistance was futile in the face of Geralt's ironclad logic. And so Philippa Eilhart regained her freedom and joined the offensive against Eredin and his Red Riders.


The Witcher 3 Blindingly Obvious Objectives

  1. Speak with Triss at the fountain behind the Passiflora.
  2. Go and enter the bathhouse with Triss.
  3. Chase after Philippa while dealing with Dijkstra's henchmen blocking the way.
  4. Deal with Bart the troll.
  5. Catch up with Philippa and kill the Fire Elemental.
  6. Capture Philippa and deal with Dijkstra.

Rewards for Blindingly Obvious in The Witcher 3

  • 500 xp

Walkthrough for Blindingly Obvious in the Witcher 3

Head upstairs to the first landing, open the door and enter, and open the next door on the left to see Ciri. Answer how you wish and change the subject. Triss has been searching for Philippa. She has been transformed permanently into an owl. Triss has a plan but needs a fountain. You suggest the area by the Passiflora. Head there to continue the quest or later if you have other things to do.

If you let Keir go to Radovid during For the Advancement of Learning, Triss infomrs you of her fate. She asks you to take care of her body triggering the quest A Final Kindness.

When ready you can meet Triss at the fountain. If you convinced her to stay with you after Now or Never and didn't ask Yen to stay with you during Last Wish, she will ask you to join her at her new position. Answer how you wish, she will attempt to ensure you have a place with her.

Head with her past the bridge and to the bathhouse. Dijkstra's men are fleeing when you arrive and you hear explosions. Head inside and speak to Dijkstra and answer how you wish. Leap into the main area and fight hte henchmen. Head east to the bath chamber and drop down the pool into where you met Bart in Get Junior. Two more henchmen appear here. Head to the hole and speak to Bart. You can demand he let you pass and fight him or convince him to let you pass, which he does. Take the tunnel north and east and around to the west to a large chamber where Philippa will be.

She will summon a golem to go after you. It's a tough foe so take caution when battling it. Once defeated, head up the stone steps and leap across the gap, walking clockwise around the balcony. Move at a quick pace and she will hear you so keep it quiet. Once close, leap and tackle her.

Convince her to meet Triss outside, and Dijkstra will stop you. Tell him to relent, either in a calm tone or violently. If pleasant he will let you through, and if you agreed to help assassinate the king, he will speak of the plan but not with Philippa present. This will trigger Reason of State. If  you are gruff, a scuffle starts and his leg will break.

Triss will meet you at the bathhouse entrance and opens a portal to conclude the quest.

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The Witcher 3 Notes & Trivia for Blindingly Obvious

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