A Princess in Distress

Type Main Quest
Location Blackbough
Suggested Level 5
Prerequisite Hunting a Witch
Next Quest Wandering in the Dark

A Princess in Distress is a Main Quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Main Quests are the main storyline of the game that can have a major effect towards the endings. Some of these quests may have dialogue choices that will alter the ending of the game.

To learn more about the Baron's ancestors, Geralt must enlist the aid of a pellar. Princess, the pellar's goat, is needed to carry out the rite, but Princess has vanished. The goat must be located by Geralt and delivered to her owner.


Geralt's search for information about the baron's wife and daughter took him to the local pellar. One glance and he knew the man was highly eccentric - an impression only strengthened when the pellar announced he would not divine what had happened to Anna and Tamara until Geralt found Princess, his runaway goat. Having no other choice, Geralt set off on a wild goat chase.


The Witcher 3 A Princess in Distress Objectives

  1. Find the Pellar's Goat
  2. Bring the goat to the Pellar
  3. Defend the Goat


Rewards for A Princess in Distress in The Witcher 3

  • 100 EXP


Walkthrough for The Witcher 3 A Princess in Distress

In the Family Matters sub-quest of The Bloody Baron quest, you will at one point be instructed to go find the Pellar, who will be able to answer questions about a talisman of the Baron's wife that you find in the main house. When you reach the Pellar he will give you some information about the talisman and tell you that there is an incantation he can make to get you more information, however to do this he needs the milk from his goat, Princess, who has ran from her pen. He gives you a bell and tasks you with finding her.

There is a large area to search, but start with the goat's pen and use the Witcher sense to find the goat's tracks. Follow them into the woods. There are several packs of wolves in the area, but what you are most interested in doing before you find the goat is deal with the bear.

You will find the bear at the entrance to a cave in the centre of the search radius. Kill the bear (Quen and Igni are invaluable, in case you haven't faced a bear before) and investigate its cave. You'll find a lot of goat corpses (none of which are princess), but deep in the cave you'll find a cache of loot which includes diagrams for a new witcher sword, so be sure to pick that up.

Head back out to the search area and start hunting the goat down again. Simply use the witcher sense and follow the tracks. When you get close you'll be able to hear Princess so narrow in on the sound and track her down. When you're using witcher senses her sound will appear in red on screen, so when you see that you know she's close.

When you've found her, ring the bell the Pellar gave you and she'll start to follow. Stay close and keep ringing the bell else she'll wander off. Halfway back to the Pellar's shack, she'll run to the entrance of the cave the bear was in, which is why it's suggested you kill the bear before you find princess as he will attack and do damage to the poor goat, given his taste for the creatures.

Lead her back safe and sound to the Pellar and you'll finish the quest and return to the Family Matters quest.


The Witcher 3 A Princess in Distress Notes & Trivia

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