Hearts of Stone Quests are Quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from the Hearts of Stone DLC expansion. In addition to the main campaign, players were offered two separate DLC packs since the release of the game, each with their set of new content including a new set of quests to extend the story of Witcher 3. These quests are usually separated into Main Quests, Secondary Quests and Treasure Hunts. As with the main game, your decisions impact how the story culminates. Hearts of Stone introduces a story and a few optional quests of its own. This page displays all Hearts of Stone Quests, how to activate then and potential rewards for completing the quests.  For more content, players can also consider viewing the content of the other DLC pack released for the Witcher 3, Blood and Wine. This DLC also comes with a new set of Blood and Wine Quests and story content for the Witcher 3. 

Witcher 3 Quests and Contracts

Other than the main quests that progress the main story in Witcher 3, there are other activities, and optional objectives players can choose to engage in. 

  • Secondary Quests: Optional Objectives and Storylines activated by different interactions in the game
  • Scavenger Hunt: Special assignment to find matching sets of gear
  • Treasure Hunts: Quests activated by interacting with specific objects that provide information on the objective for the hunt
  • Contracts: Objectives or bounties acquired form Notice Boards or NPCs
  • Gwent: Tasks players to play to win a unique Gwent Card

Witcher 3 DLC

The Witcher 3 has since released two main DLC packs for additional game content. Each came with its own set of Quests, Secondary Quests and Contracts

Witcher 3 DLCs:

Witcher 3 DLC Quests:



All Hearts of Stone DLC Quests Witcher 3 

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