Contract: The Tufo Monster

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Type Contract
DLC Blood and Wine
Location Toussaint
Suggested Level  48

Contract: The Tufo Monster is a Contact in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. This Contract is a part of the Blood and Wine DLC. Contracts act as Secondary Quests and are optional Quests not required to finish the game. Some of these quests may have a bearing on certain Main Quests or may be a consequence of another Quest.

The Tufo Monster contract can begin either by examining the tracks or by picking up the contract from Flovive's notice board Contract: The Monster of Tufo. 

I hereby announce the following: The vineyard known as Tufo, which is counted among my possessions and is famed throughout all the world for the superb melon blanc it produces, is besset by some monstrosity. Any knight who tracks the beast down and slays it will not only prove his honor but also earn a reward of not insignificant size. Therefore hear my call, all brave and valorous men of Toussaint, and make haste to Tufo cnverse with the undersigned about the contract. -- M. de Bourbeau.  


Customs in Toussaint differ markedly from those observed in the North. The fashions differ, folk drink wine instead of rye vodka, beer or mead, and the women are generally more amorous while men are more attentive to their own appearance (it is quite likely the two latter issues are linked). There is one custom, however, that remains unchanged both south and north of the Yaruga. Namely, faced by a monster problem, folk post a notice on a notice board, in which notice they promise to pay a reward, and then they pray a witcher happens by and reads it. The owner of the Tufo Vineyard did just as this custom ordains, and as it happened, Geralt was the one to find his note.


The Witcher 3 Contract: The Tufo Monster Objectives 

If Geralt found the notice first:

  • Go to the Tufo Vineyard and talk to the poster of the notice. 
  • Go to the cellars after dark.
  • Investigate the cellars using your Witcher Senses.
  • Figure out what's causing the noises coming from the cellars.
  • Search the underground tunnels.
  • Destroy all the eggs in the nest.
  • Return to the surface and talk to the owner.
  • Go to the place Jean-Luc was last seen.

If Geralt examined Jean-Luc's footprints:

  • Follow Jean-Luc's tracks using your Witcher Senses. 
  • Follow the monster's tracks using your Witcher Senses.
  • Search the cave using your Witcher Senses.
  • Collect some blood from the body in the cave.
  • Collect sewant mushrooms to use to brew shaelmaar bait. 0/3
  • Brew shaelmaar bait.
  • Spread the bait in tunnels near the surface.
  • Kill the shaelmaar.
  • Collect a trophy from the shaelmaar.
  • Return to your contract giver for your reward.


Rewards for Contract: The Tufo Monster in The Witcher 3

  • 400exp icon witcher 3 wiki guide 
  • 500 crowns oren icon currency witcher 3 wiki guide 


Walkthrough for The Witcher 3 Contract: The Tufo Monster

Begin the quest either by examining the tracks or by picking up the contract from Flovive's notice board Contract: The Monster of Tufo. 

If you began the quest from the notice board, you will need to Go to the Tufo Vineyard and talk to the poster of the notice just northeast of the Flovive signpost. After your interaction, you need to Investigate the cellars using your Witcher Senses and get through the tunnels. During your search, you will be interupted by some noises. Continue to search the area with your witcher senses to locate a highlighted wall. Use Aard to get thorugh and continue through the tunnels. Clear any hostile Kikimore enemies in the area then continue to follow the location objective indicated on your minimap. 

You will come across another wall in your way. Use your Aard to get through and get ready for the next combat encounter. Clear the area then destroy all the eggs in the nest. est.
Return to the surface, talk to the owner. After asking about Jean-Luc the quest will update with your next objective location marker. Once you reach the location, follow the monster's tracks using your Witcher Senses. Once you come across some bodies, collect some blood then collect sewant mushrooms to use to brew shaelmaar bait. After you've collected the required materials you can then start to make the bait using Alchemy then spread it. The bait spots will also be marked on your map. Finally, Kill the Shaelmaar

Once it is cleared, Collect a trophy from the shaelmaar and return to Monsieur de Bourbeau to complete the quest.


Contract: The Tufo Monster Journal

 The Tufo Vineyard was plagued by tremors caused by some unknown underground force. Yet these were no ordinary earthquakes, a phenomenon entirely unknown in Toussaint. The tremors caused noteworthy damage, as buildings collapsed, wine bottles fell from shelves and shattered, and wine barrels burst, releasing into the dirt their ever so valuable contents. The vineyard's owner suspected some subterranean beast was the culprit, and Geralt was inclined to admit he was right.

  • If Geralt finds the vineyard owner first:

Thoroughly charmed by Toussaint's fairytale landscapes and vista, Geralt devoted some time to crisscrossing the duchy without any specific destination or mission in mind. During one such escapade, he happened to wander by the Tufo Vineyard. During a bried and notably unpleasant exchange with the property's owner, he learned that some creature prowled the area, a creature that caused significant land tremors.
Having learned the disturbing noises thought to be those of the Monster of Tufo were coming from the cellar, the witcher immediately ventured there. Geralt had barely arrived when, without any excess effort, he heard the scraping and crumbling of rocks beyond the cellar wall. Upon investigating the noise, he discovered a network of long, winding corridors stretching beneath the entire vineyard. In one chamber Geralt found a kikimore nest, but quickly concluded the beasts were not the cause of the trouble. The creature that had dug these tunnels was clearly much larger – and far more dangerous.
After speaking to the woman he had encountered on the estate, Geralt went to the spot where the farmhand Jean-Luc had last been seen. Following the man's trail, the witcher arrived at the entrance to a complex of caverns. There he established that the monster he was hunting could be none other than a shaelmaar.

  • If Geralt finds the pendant and gives it to Madame:

While investigating, Geralt had discovered not only the exact nature of the horrid creature termed the Monster of Tufo, but also the exact nature of Madame de Bourbeau's relations with the missing farmhand Jean-Luc. Conclusive evidence in this matter took the form of a silver pendant the witcher had found, containing a lock of the high-born lady's hair.
The last remaining thing left for Geralt to do was simultaneously the most pleasant part of the job. Namely, he could now collect his reward. Fortunately, despite his many flaws, Monsieur de Bourbeau nonetheless proved an upstanding man, paying the witcher his remuneration down to the last crown.


The Witcher 3 Contract: The Tufo Monster Notes & Trivia

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