Forefather's Eve

Location Crow's Perch or Keira Meit'z Cottage
Suggested Level 7
Next Quest Family Matters
Previous Quest A towerful of Mice or Family Matters

Forefather's Eve is a Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This quest is obtained in Crow's Perch after completing A Towerful of Mice and before starting Family Matters. Alternatively, if you have done Family Matters you can obtain it in Keira Metz' Cottage.

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Forefather's Eve Objectives

  1. Meet the pellar in the stone circle on Fyke Isle.
  2. Protect the ritual's participants.
  3. Defeat the witch hunters.
  4. Defeat the wraiths.
  5. Find the body of the pellar's father in the swamps.
  6. Burn the pellar's father's body. (Near Signpost: West of The Orphans of Crookback Bog)
  7. Talk to the Pellar (Near Signpost: Northwest of Blackbough)


  • ?? xp
  • ?? gold
  • Discounts on all Velen Merchants.


Locations: Fyke Isle, Blackbough, Pellar's Hut
Characters: Pellar, Old Man Ambros
Enemies: Drowner, Water Hag, Witch Hunters, Wraiths, Rotfiends

The Pellar will approach you to request your assistance with protecting him from souls during the Forefather's Even ritual at Fyke Isle. If you accept, your objective will direct you to the south-west side of the island, where a group of peasants are awaiting the ritual.

At the right time, the Pellar will begin the ceremony and a group of drowners will attack along with a Water Hag. You must protect the Pellar so lure them away from him.

Following, the Pellar's father, Ambros will be summoned as a ghost to discuss matters with The Pellar, but their conversation is disrupted by a group of Witch Hunters who believe the rite is necomancy. Here Geralt will make a choice. You can:

  • Disagree with the Witch Hunters and fight them
  • Bow out of the confrontation, which allows the Witch Hunters to end the ritual and makes the quest ends.

If you chose to fight, defeat the three enemies and allow the ritual to continue, now with the increased risk that the hallowed ground is a target for evil spirits. You now must fight three Wraiths. Once they are defeated, you will be tasked with finding Ambros's corpse and burning it to destroy its bindings.

The corpse can be found by crossing the Lake and looking around to the West of the Orphan Village. You will now see that the Pellar killed his father with a blunt hit to the head. Burn the corpse with Igni and return to The Pellar. You can comfort him about his actions, and then unlock him as a merchant.

Notes & Trivia

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