The Pellar

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The Pellar is a Character/NPC in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

"As is often the case with charmers, diviners, healers and other such cunning folk of the countryside, the pellar of Blackbough was a man of mystery, around whom circled a great many rumors and legends. Some claimed he could commune with the dead, others, that he had a different sort of familiarity with the grave, having put an axe in his father's head in a fit of rage when he was a young man. Still others said he showed an indecent fondness for barnyard animals.

All of these rumors aroused the fear and respect of the backwater peasants of Velen, and the pellar most likely did little to discourage them.

Yet even the most cunning of men make the occasional professional error - had Geralt not intervened, who knows what might have become of the old seer at the hands of the Baron's enraged men.

The pellar turned out to be more skilled at soothsaying than curing indigestion. Though what he divined for Geralt was murky at best, the witcher managed to put the pieces together into a somewhat logical whole."

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  • The Pellar did indeed kill his father, but his reasons are not necessarily evil.

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