Range of Health (info here)
Locations White Orchard
Weaknesses Necrophage Oil & Igni
Loot Monster saliva, Drowner tongue, and Drowner brain

Drowner is an Creature/Monster in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. 


"When at the water's edge, you gotta be quiet. First of all, so as not to scare the fish. Second — so you don't attract drowners. — Yanneck of Blaviken, fisherman

A drowner resembles a corpse dredged from the bottom of a pond. It is sickly blue or green in color, with slime and sludge oozing out of every pore and the acrid stench of rot wafting off of it. That is why it is often thought drowners -along with their more dangerous cousins: vodniks, mucknixers and drowned dead — arise from the bodies of those who drown in shallow water: lost travelers falling into bogs, children who swim too far from the shore or, in the case of vodniks, inebriated peasants who stumble off narrow swamp trails.

Like so manay other beliefs about monsters, this one is false. While drowners do look like humans from a distance, witchers, who have dubious pleasure of examining them from close quarters, have reported the numerous ways in which their anatomy differes from our own. Their scaly skin, gills and dorsal fins suggest drowners and their like are an entirely foreign species.

The adapatations mentioned above make drowners excelletn swimmers, well-suited to the muddy waters of the ponds and lakes in which they dwell. They often cluster near human settlements, which are for them an excellent source of food.

Cowardly creatures by nature, they usually stick to eating scars they dig out of rubbish piles and animal carcasses. Yet if a lone traveler or careless fisherman strays into their territory, they turn from scavengers to fearsome predators. They can attack with lightnig speed, taking their victim by surprise and pulling him into the water drown. If not particularly hungry at the moment, they will keep their prey under the water for a few days, aging it until it grows deliciously tender and rotten. Drowners are particularly active at dusk and during the night, especially if the rain is falling - at such times they will even leave their watery homes and venture inland.

Drowners, mucknixers, vodniks and drowned dead all live in putrid, rotting filth, and so have developed a high resistance to poison. Though humanoid in form, they are primitive creatures no more intelligent than carp or pike. That is why spells affecting the mind, the Axii Sign included, are ineffective against them. Yet they  are particularly vulnerable to magic drawn from the element of fire, including the Igni Sign."

Drowner Information




Drowners are common enemies that make use of their numbers to flank you and defend their own.

Drowners have no special resistances and are fairly easy to incapacitate with Aard. Knocked down Drowners can be killed in 1 hit.

Don't try and spam too many fast attacks as they will counter. Use your signs and always avoid getting surrounded.

Drowners can also be found swimming in rivers, tanks and the sea. They will attack you, yet swimming Drowners will never chase you onto land.

In water you can only use your crossbow to attack Drowners making them very difficult to kill.

Swimming at full speed will prevent being attacked, but it won't shake off the Drowners.

Whatever you need to do in the water, do it quickly and then make a run for it.

It's noteworthy that you can often safely dive deeper under water, but you'll get attacked if you try to resurface.


Trivia & Lore

  • Drowners are enemies that come about after guards from towns and cities drop off dead bodies into areas like No Man's Land. They later come back from the dead in the form of the corpse abandoned.


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