Novigrad, Closed City

Type Secondary Quest
Location Novigrad
Suggested Level 11
Prerequisite A Matter of Life and Death
Next Quest None

Novigrad, Closed City is a Secondary Quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Secondary Quests are optional Quests not required to finish the game. Some of these quests may have a bearing on certain Main Quests or may be a consequence of another Quest.

Novigrad, Closed City is unique in that there are two separate parts involving two different groups of people. When one group's quest is activated, the other group's quest cannot be activated until the first has been completed. This quest can be obtained either by speaking to Lussi marked with a yellow exclamation mark just north of the St. Gregory's Bridge signpost or speaking with the bandit marked with a yellow exclamation mark north-west of Hierarch Square in Novigrad


After Geralt and Triss raided their outpost and killed Menge, the witch hunters decided to exact revenge on mages and freaks of all kinds. The city swarmed with armed units searching for anyone with slightly pointy ears or a whiff of the occult about them.


The Witcher 3 Novigrad, Closed City Objectives

Lussi, Fritz, and Walter quest:

  • Enter the woman's home and get rid of the danger.
  • Defeat the guards.
  • Find the other partners mentioned in the note and look for keys. 1/3
  • Use the three keys to open the safe.

Bandit quest:

  • Track the smell of blood and sewer muck using your Witcher Senses.
  • Follow the missing man's trail using your Witcher Senses.
  • Kill the bandits.


Rewards for Novigrad, Closed City in The Witcher 3

Lussi, Fritz, and Walter quest:

  • Various crafting materials

Bandit quest:

  • Random loot


Walkthrough for The Witcher 3 Novigrad, Closed City

This quest can only be available after the events of A Matter of Life and Death. Do note that this is a two-part quest with interactions between two different groups, Lussi's group and the Bandits.

If you are walking around in Novigrad, Lussi will call you, she will be located in the upper middle of St. Gregory's Bridge near Temple Isle. She will explain that her home is haunted and she wants you to follow her to her home. Once you arrive, you'll see the ransacked house with two witch hunters. You will have to fight them. You will then tell her that she led you to a trap, and so she gives you a key to a treasure. You then read a warrant that the witch hunters were carrying. The warrant notes the three former bandits, and Lussi known as the Fox hiding on Temple Isle near the bridge. The warrant also lists two more individuals named Fritz and Walter. Fritz hiding near the Crooked House and Walter is last seen in the Lacehall near Putrid Grove. Now you will need to find the other two to look for the keys.

Fritz's house can be located between the signposts of Hierarch Square, Oxenfurt Gate, and Southern Gate. Enter the house and you will find a long-dead body, presumably Fritz's body. It can be assumed that witch hunters killed him. Go to the second floor and light the torch beside the stairs, it will activate an entrance revealing a secret compartment. Inside the compartment is the locked safe, you will need to have all three keys to open the safe. You can get the second key here, as well as a letter about the treasure Fritz wrote.

For Walter, you can find him banging at the door near Putrid Grove. He will then be approached by two witch hunters who try to attack him. Defend him and he will give you the last key to the safe. Once you have all three keys, go back to Fritz's house and claim the treasure, once you've looted the safe, the quest is completed.

Even if you haven't encountered the bandits yet, you will notice the quest is completed but can be reactivated once you interact with the Bandits located in Hierarch Square, you will see them standing between the roads.

If you go back to Novigrad, a group of Bandits will call for you, they can be seen near a house with a large flower garden, just northwest of Hierarch Square. They will ask you to look for their "companion" who was last seen coming out of the sewers and headed for the harbor. Now you follow the boot prints and the scent of the sewer slime and the three other bandits will follow you. You will eventually find the witch hunter on the ground west of the St. Gregory's Bridge signpost. It's revealed that the bandits were actually to find him for burning their Fisstech. You can choose to leave the witch hunter and let the bandits get him, or help him. If you leave the witch hunter, you can find him later in the same location dead and three bandits looting his body. If you choose to help the witch hunter, you will have to face off against three level 14 bandits.

The witch hunter will then ask if you can give him medical attention, if you agree, you will automatically be transported to Vilmerius Hospital. If you refuse, you will leave the witch hunter for dead. There is no reward for this quest except for the loot you can gain from killing the bandits.


The Witcher 3 Novigrad, Closed City Notes & Trivia

  • For some people saving Wallter from the guards will stop their progress, Wallter cannot be killed, and he has the other objective pieces. You have to wait for him to turn around and draw his sword against his attackers. They will kill him in a single hit, but it's possible to save him if you are quick enough. He will give you the items in a brief scene.
    For some, if you walk the wrong way during this track-down the bandits will leave, but the quest hasn't failed. however, this will halt all progress in the quest.



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