Creature Class Elementa
Range of Health (info here)
Locations Amos Ship
Weaknesses Dimeritium Bomb & Elementa Oil

Djinn is a Creature/Monster in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


"The pitcher emitted a puff of glowing red smoke. The smoke pulsated, her gathered up into an irregular sphere floating in front of the poet's head...
—The First Longing, a Tale Fantastic in All Ways.

A djinn is a powerful air spirit, a condensation of the power of that element endowed with consciousness and character - the latter usually nasty. According to legend, djinns can grant even the most far-fetched wishes, though they do so very begrudgingly.

Unusually powerful mages can capture and tame these beings. The mage can then draw on its energy, using it to cast spells without having to call on Power from traditional sources. Only a sparse handful have managed this feat, however, for djinns fight to avoid such a fate with stubborn determination. To imprison a djinn and bend it to one's will, one must first weaken it - and that is no easy feat.

Fighting a djinn is extraordinarily difficult. They can fling off spells in an instant that the most accomplished human mages could never cast with years of preparation. What's more, by manipulating the element of air they can summon powerful storms, hurricanes and gales. Luckily, as magic beings they are vulnerable to silver - yet steel will do them no harm."


Djinn Information

  • Found in: Amos Ship
  • Drops: none
  • Associated Quests: The Last Wish



  • Attacks: Enranges and becomes more dangerous as it loses health.
  • Weaknesses: Dimeritium Bomb & Elementa Oil
  • Strengths: Slow attacks are not effective.

Do not have Enemy Upscaling active when fighting this foe. Its attacks become very powerful and they're extremely difficult to avoid.

Trivia & Lore

  • Notes on Lore and players notes go here.


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    • Anonymous

      It took me a couple tries, but if you use Axii to stun him, throw a few strong hits, then go hide. Wait for your Axii to refill and repeat. It took me a couple tries but this wasn't too time consuming.

      • Anonymous

        This is how to beat Djinn if you are level 7 or less

        • Anonymous

          This is how you beat Djinn when you are level 7 or less

          • Anonymous

            Well for crazy guys like me who don't wanna scale down the Djinn, what you can do is:
            1- Use blizzard, attack power and stamina regen potions and ofcourse elementa oil
            2- Use a decoction which increases attack power until damage taken
            3- Activate quen
            4- Jump to the Djinn, fast hit 3-4 times until Djinn stuns you
            5- Then immediately jump back and avoid killing blow
            6- Then loop back from (3)
            7- Once you get the Djinn 10% of its below health you jump and run either in the captain room or bottom floor of the ship
            8- Wait there 15 secs where the game will (AMAZINGLY) allow you to SAVE!! :)
            9- Then load from your save until you beat it, HELL YEA :)
            I finished the quest at L19 for around 1 hour.
            Hope it works for you guys too :)

            • Anonymous

              Jesus Christ, i beat him on blood and broken bones with upscaling, it took me about 1.5 - 2 hours, kept escaping to the cabin and lower floor to quicksave, 1 shot and you're dead. I think I was lvl 25. Hardest game fight I have ever done.

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