Creature Class Relicts
Range of Health Minimum Level: 20
Locations Ancient forests of Velen
Weaknesses Igni, Relict Oil and Dimeritium Bomb

Leshen is a Creature/Monster in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. If you're looking for the Monster Hunter World collaboration, please the the Leshen page on Monster Hunter World wiki.


"We never hunt in these woods. Never. Even if it means the whole village starves. — Mulliver, ealdorman of Hoshberg in lower Aedirn

Leshens dwell in dense, primeval woods. Fiercely territorial creatures, they hunt with stealth and cunning as their only companions. They use their inborn magic to control the plants and animals within their territory — and so when stalking them, half the battle is merely getting near enough to strike. Leshens old enough to earn the appellation "ancient" wield advanced skills and tactics that make them particularly dangerous. "

Leshen Information

  • Found in:
    • Forest Wilderness of Velen, near Dragonslayer's Grotto.
    • One can be found in Velen: SW of Reardon Manor, NW of Downwarren, close to where the path going West from the Manor (on map) comes to a dead-end (after splitting North)
    • NW of Aeramas' Abandoned Manor, there is a dense forest area with a Guarded Treasure sign in the middle of it. A Leshen is guarding it.
    • One can be found in a forest NW of the Lakeside Hut at Kaer Morhen at a Guarded Treasure sign.
    • One can be found in a forest on Skellige east of the village Sund as part of the contract "In the Heart of the Woods".
    • You can kill one for a reward in the forest SW of Novigrad Docks, SW of a Loggers Hut.
    • One can be found at Arnskrone Castle Ruins
  • Drops: Leshen Resin, Ancient Leshen Mutagen, Fiber, Timber, Leshen Mutagen, Infused Shard, Hardened Timber, Monster Bone
  • Associated Quests:



Leshens are quite vulnerable to Igni, though burning will not incapacitate them.

Their movement is slow but their srikes are powerful and they have potent ranged attacks.

A Leshen may summon roots or crows to attack you, these attacks target a line directly in front of the Leshen.

Leshens are able to teleport by transforming into crows and Ancient Leshens can summon wolves.

You can predict where the Leshen will manifest by following the movements of the crows.

Because of their ranged attacks it is advised to circle around the Leshen and aim for its vulnerable back.


Trivia & Lore

  • Based off of a mythological creature called a "Leshy", comes from the Slavic term for "forest" ("les").
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    • Anonymous

      idk why but whenever i fight leshens, i try to make the fight quite long because they are my favourite monster and its good to admire them and their attacks

      • Anonymous

        Finally beat this guy at lvl 5 with the Viper sword, no oil unfortunately. Although he is weak to fire he will not ignite, even at 66% burning chance. Too much of a lvl disparity I'd imagine. But Igni at that intensity only does about 160 dmg, about the same as a fast attack, so I opted to keep Quen up instead. Here's the trick to fighting him at low-level: Only attack him twice in succession and dodge backwards and repeat until he does the root attack, whether it hits you or not doesn't matter as you have Quen up and this is your window to refresh it. He will never teleport this way. He can summon up to 8 wolves to aid him- these can either be your level or skull level. I was unlucky and got 8 skull wolves that were slower to kill than the Leshen itself, so I simply kited the Leshen away. Once you have his aggro, you need to stay close so that he won't go back to the treasure. Now I have 8 skull wolves guarding the treasure damn it!

        • Anonymous

          So i killed a level 20 leshen at level 5. By accident. It came at me and i knew i couldn't win. So i ran. 2 ingame days later i found some cave by dragons grotto. Fought the wraiths. Enter the poison filled hallway. Notice my sword isnt put away. Then boom leshen appears in the poison and starts dying. I used igni and stabbed it to fini***** off. Apparently the bugger was stalking me the entire time. Absolutely creepy.

          • Anonymous

            Dude I saw one of these on level 17 of my first play trough and it was freaky. I was up on the hill/mountain not far from Downwarren and I was just using my Witcher sense to look around down below and I saw a bunch of wolfs then this thing, at one point it just stopped and stared at me and I high tailed it out of there. I then researched the thing and later that day I was fighting a pack of wolves then a bear and after defeating the bear I saw a raven on the ground all in the same like couple of feet and I went nope, and ran.

            • Anonymous

              I was chillin n then came across one with level "??" and I'm level 5 so I burnt off like I gotta google wuts up first. so he never touched me but was like turing into a tree trying to ruin me. Glad I ran now that I googled it! No level ?? until at least lvl 15 for me. First time playing, started on death march!

              • Anonymous

                Someone need to add trivia, There are event regarding Monster Hunter World X The Witcher 3 related to this beast.

                • Anonymous

                  Just took the one close to aeramas Manor out at level 15...on death march difficulty, very pleased with myself

                  • Anonymous

                    I encountered this enemy for the first time at lvl 7 in the dragonslayer's grotto boss room. It was both him and Ekimmara. I was able to kite Ekimmara around and kill him without engaging Leshen until after I killed Ekimmara. I'm not sure if it was because of the limited size of the room so he couldn't travel very far on teleports, but it actually wasn't too difficult considering the difference in level.

                    • Anonymous

                      Encountered this guy while tracking down a quest on Velen. I was at Lvl 11 and seeing him at Lvl 20 made me think that he might be easy as I had no problems killing Wyverns and monsters of the like easily, even at Death March diff. Anyway, I was shocked when he got me for like 2 hits and reloaded my save data again. Later on I managed to beat him up for about 15 mins as I was taking advantage of his slow movement. Everytime he disappears and reappears, i dodged his attacks by side stepping once, then used an igni on him to make him stagger and then pummel him with my Fast slashes and heavy slashes. ;)
                      PSN: felixified

                      • Anonymous

                        stupidest monster ive ever fought, got like 3-5 hits on him, then he teleports, i have to wait 5 seconds, 3-5 more hits... and hes completely harmless when u got quen up.

                        • Based off of a mythological creature called a "leshy". The term "leshy" comes from the Slavic term for "forest" ("les"). All Slavs had great respect for forests, mountains and water. A leshy was something like the master of the forest. It was everywhere in the forest and did not like when someone entered into its dominion, but it never left the forest.If a human spied a leshy in the forest, it was most likely that he had lost his way. Folk tales told that to find his path again, he had to turn all his clothing inside-out.

                          • Anonymous

                            Have the say the first time I ran across this guy I was like WTF OP. Then he kept teleporting to me inside of a cave in one shotting me. He was making me super angry! So I faced him in open battle... Once you figure out his mechanic he's actually pretty straight forward to kill. Just roll around behind him while he's casting/teleporting and then whack him a few times with your sword. Took about 10 minutes to kill him, but it was a fun fight in the end. Oh and he'll summon the occasional wolf. Make sure you keep Quen up. Keep relic oil up on your sword, and igni/axii him whenever you get a chance and you'll do OK. Killed him as a level 8.

                            • Anonymous

                              If you come into contact with this prick keep your distance, insta kills you with any attack, if you take the quest the fall of the house of reardon and go a direct route to the house you should come across him, or at least that's where I found him

                              • Anonymous

                                When traveling you can find a sawmill, after approaching it you will receive a quest. The Quest will tell you to investigate what happened to it. After investigating the area using your Witcher senses you can find a Leshen nearby. (Using Witcher senses to locate the enemy hanging around the general area.)

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