alghoul witcher3

Creature Class Necrophages
Range of Health (info here)
Locations Battlefields and places with shallow graves or rotting corpses.
Weaknesses Necrophage Oil & Axii

Alghoul is a Creature or Monster in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


"An alghoul's basically a badarse ghoul" - Yarpen Zigrin, dwarven warrior

Alghouls differ from normal ghouls in size, strength, coloring, and, most importantly, intelligence. Whereas ghouls and graveirs are primitive creatures unfit to plan even the simplest ambush, alghouls and their kindred (such as cemetaurs) are capable of forethought, and are thus much more dangerous."

Ghouls seem to possess wits enough to at least know a brighter mind when they see it, and so let alghouls and cemetaurs lead their packs. A pack so led will terrorize all in its path, attacking not only lone travelers but also and even farmsteads. When encountering such a pack the alghoul should be eliminated as a first priority, leaving the other beasts for once their leader is gone. One be particularly careful when fighting alghouls around dusk and at night, when they fight with doubled strength.

During combat alghoulds and cemetaurs try risky maneuvers aimed at knocking their opponents to the ground to the ground so the other can finish the job by tearing them to shreds. Like a normal ghoul, an injured alghoul can fall into a frenzy and attack with blind fury. An experienced witcher knows to get out of its on such occasions and strike from behind, while for an inexperienced withcer, such a turn of events often marks the end of his path.


Alghoul Information

  • Found in: Ghoul nests
  • Drops: Alghoul Bone Marrow, Alghoul Claw, Alghoul mutagen, Rotten Meat
  • Associated Quests: Woodland Beast
  • Unlike regular Ghouls, Alghouls have a ranged attack.
  • Though stronger than Ghouls they have no unusual resistances.



  • Attacks: Alghouls emit a piercing scream that stuns its enemies and frenzies nearby Ghouls. They may also become enraged, which is manifested by spines on their back., making them dangerous for melee combat. The spines themselves deal little damage but will stagger you at close proximity, this can also happen while attacking. You can use Axii to force them to conceal the spines and Quen is also effective for dealing with the spines.
  • Weaknesses: Necrophage Oil & Axii
  • Strengths:


Trivia & Lore

  • Notes on Lore and players notes go here.


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