Range of Health
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Just north of Aeramas' Abandoned Manor
Aard, Hybrid Oil & Grapeshot
Griffin Trophy, Alchemical Ingredients
Opinicus is an Creature/Monster in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Opinicus is a Griffin.

"Killers of various stripes - mercenaries, knights errant, ambitious lawmen - try at times to compete with witchers as monster slayers. This usually ends in a massacre that not only does not solve the problem, but in fact only makes it worse - the beast walks away from the fight unharmed, enraged and out for vengeance. Such was the case in the mountains outside Oxenfurt, where a powerful archgriffin had made its nest.

Once again it fell to the witcher to clean up after amateurs. He knew neither Igni nor bombs dealing fire damage would have any effect against this fire-loving creature. He would also have to look out for its acid, which can eat through even the thickest armor - leaving one vulnerable to its razor-sharp talons."

Opinicus Information


  • Attacks: Wing Swipe, Dive, Slam (rises into the air for about 2'' and lands)
  • Weaknesses: Aard, Hybrid Oil & Grapeshot
  • Strengths: Very High HP, High Damage Attacks, High Mobility

Trivia & Lore

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